Metro area companies join 'Net Neutrality Day of Action'

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Other politicians may have more cynical reasons for opposing net neutrality: Cable companies have donated millions of dollars to hundreds of politicians in the most recent USA election cycle, which speaks volumes about what democracy looks like in the internet age.

But, ironically, while advocating for an "open internet", Facebook shut down the pages of legal marijuana shops in Alaska, frustrating the affected businesses.

In his blog post, Quinn claims that the rules "subject broadband service to an 80-year-old law created to set rates in the rotary-dial-telephone era". This is a fight to preserve the internet as we know it, to avoid a future where the companies who control the pipes get to play favorites, deciding who sees what and when.

In February 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to more strictly regulate internet service providers (ISPs) and to enshrine the principles of "net neutrality" as law.

Marc Andreessen, an Internet pioneer who co-authored the first widely used web browser and co-founded Netscape, offers a counter-argument that is popular with telecommunication companies.

Net neutrality is something gamers should care about. Before Net Neutrality, AT&T muted portions of a Pearl Jam concert because of songs the band wrote against then-President George W Bush. However, the FCC's current chairman, Ajit Pai, is openly opposed to the regulations, hence his efforts to reverse them.

NOTE: The volume of participation was so high that the FCC has been "rate limiting" submissions into their docket - there are an enormous number of comments queued up that will be submitted into their system before the July 17 deadline, as fast as their system can handle them. Net neutrality prevents internet service providers including Comcast, Time Warner Cable or Verizon to treat websites using those pipes differently.

       President Obama called for net neutrality
Video President Obama called for net neutrality

"All the investment we've had and all the innovation we've had has been with an open internet, with net neutrality", Sen. Basically - with net neutrality, it doesn't matter if you're looking at the New York Times or some really gross porn. Cable giant Charter also told its investors a year ago that the regulations "hasn't hurt us". "And maybe you'd like a tiered plan so you can get Wikipedia, right?' So net neutrality is a very important principal for the people on the internet", Thompson said Wednesday on "CBS This Morning".

But Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page will not be marching outside FCC headquarters with protest signs.

This protest follows similar online campaigns, like the "Internet Slowdown Day" and "Internet Blackout Day". And in 2014 while the FCC prepared the rule, Trump in a tweet called the regulation "Obama's attack on the internet". The move, which critics charge will fundamentally undermine consumer privacy in the United States, overturned rules drawn up by the FCC that would have given people more control over their personal data.

Did you notice a little more action online?

"Today, the largest web platforms in the world, scrappy activist organizations, and individuals from across the political spectrum came together online and in-person to make their voices heard". Twitter was also promoting the hashtag #NetNeutrality throughout the day.

That being said, there is a distinct lack of competition, especially in rural areas. Strong, common sense net neutrality rules simply need to stay in place to ensure this remains the case going forward.

Or if you've been out for a while and living in a big city, there are still LGBTQ health issues. However, the ISP argued that "Title II regulation and net neutrality are not the same thing".