Amazon Aims To Hook Buyers with July 11 Prime Day

Amazon Aims To Hook Buyers with July 11 Prime Day

In the U.S., customers who stream a video on the service for the first time on their TV will receive a United States dollars 10 voucher to spend on Amazon by 11 July. "Otherwise, Amazon Prime members buy the same number of items per visit, and spend roughly the same amount per visit as non-Prime members". If you'd rather not hover over Amazon all day, we will be highlighting the very best Prime Day has to offer.

Once you sign up with Amazon Prime at $99, it's doubtful you will ever end that subscription, and that's not because you join and forget about it. As far as the Indian Amazon Prime Day is concerned only time will tell whether it will truly be an annual sale day to look forward to, or will it be just another sale day full of marked up MRPs.

Last year, Amazon Prime day added, according to estimates, half a billion dollars to Amazon's revenue.

Amazon Prime Day 2017 will be held on Tuesday 11 July 2017, however, the event will run over two days, starting on the Monday 10 July at 6pm.

CIRP estimated that 63 percent of US-based Amazon customers are now Prime members.

The first Prime Day drew mixed reviews - there were lots of deals, but some customers found them tough to sift through and were frustrated when more desirable offers sold out fast. "Membership grew 6 percent in the most recent quarter, compared to 9 percent growth in the year-ago quarter ending in June 2016, accounting for five million new Prime members in each of the June quarters". If you want to save some real cash, in the decade that I've been studying Amazon, this is where you can find the biggest deals.

What were the best deals previous year?

If you are not a paid Amazon Prime member, get a free trial membership. It is already a hit in other countries and is an exclusive 30 hours sale open only for Amazon's Prime members.

Prime members get a 30-minute head start on Amazon Lightning Deals, which are constantly changing.

Amazon Prime membership was at least 66 million at last count, but management failed to reveal the exact growth rate of membership during its last earnings call, even though those figures have been released every year since 2013.

Wondering if it's worth spending a summer day scouring online deals? Voice shoppers will also get early access to Prime Day deals two hours before the general public on July 10.

Amazon is also promoting its Alexa devices heavily.