Around 1 Lakh companies have lost their registration says Modi

PM Narendra Modi Benjamin Netanyahu discuss Israeli Palestinian peace process

"This landmark resolution is a significant tool providing ministries and governmental agencies a roadmap and resources in order to implement PM Netanyahu's vision of further bolstering the relationship between both our countries", Israel envoy to India, Ambassador Daniel Carmon said. "Under the India-Israel Agriculture Project, Israel has been setting up centres of excellence in agriculture since 2008". They are expected to announce deals in these fields during Modi's visit.

Congress spokesperson, Shashi Tharoor said that as the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, he believes that the relationship has reached a level of maturity which makes it possible for India to contemplate the first ever prime ministerial visit to Israel. "You visit to Israel is a testimony to that". "And that is what is happening from outside into India and coming from outside into Israel as well", Sofer said, likening the situation in the two countries.

India's increase in defense spending with Israel comes at the same time it has been signed major defense deals with Russian Federation. The members of the community are hoping that Modi's visit to Israel would result in the recognition of their community as minority. To broker peace with the Arab world, the mandarins at the South Block deliberately confused India's political executive to distance itself from stepping into the borders of the landlocked Israel.

Israel, constantly searching for allies at the United Nations and for new business partners, has portrayed the visit as a major diplomatic victory.

The interviewer then wondered whether this might lead to a solution to the problems in the Middle East. Modi laughed and said: "That would be great".

Prime Minister Modi will be visiting Israel on 4-6 July, 2017.

"Building a strong and resilient relationship with Israel will be my intent and focus".

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi gestures as he gives a speech in front of students at the University of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo. Moshe allegedly had a discussing with the PM pertaining to India's relation with Pakistan.

"We have expanded our cooperation to security and the joint statement of both the governments have also mentioned issues like digital health and digital transportation".

When Israel was allowed to open its cultural office in Mumbai in the mid-1990s, the move had raised several eyebrows among the diplomats and academics alike, while many news outlets failed to notice the underlying shift in India's foreign policy, barring the Times of India. Is it only about defence and security? Together, we can do even better.

"This visit will deepen cooperation in a wide range of fields - security, agriculture, water, energy - basically in nearly every field Israel is involved in", Netanyahu told the Israeli cabinet in public remarks.