How the new Apple iPhone could help combat 'the new drunk driving'


Let's get started then. In addition, you can now swipe down in the control center to view new notifications and double swipe to view all notifications.

Multitasking is going to be even more efficient with the new Apple OS. Using your credit or debit card, you will be able to send money to anyone who also uses iOS11 with just a text message, which can be especially useful for splitting the check at a restaurant, paying someone gas money, or even paying the rent if you're close with your landlord.

We've all run low on space on our iPhone before, so this new feature is a bit of a godsend.

A QR code scanner will live in the native camera on iOS 11, which can be used for payments and social media contact codes like the kinds seen from Snapchat or Facebook Messenger.

The Storage & iCloud has been replaced with iPhone Storage in iOS 11. So, it's imperative that Apple introduce features comparable with those of a desktop - if it wants to revive flagging iPad sales. Pair one of these apps with the iPhone 7's camera (or the 7 Plus's dual cameras) and things are bound to get more interesting.

Some are. According to researcher IDC, detachable tablets - devices like the iPad Pro and Microsoft's Surface Pro, which offer keyboards that separate from the screen - have been the fastest-growing segment of the global personal computing device market, and will continue to dominate on growth rate. Why use such a feature? In Dawson's words, "You'll never see [Apple] use the argument that [the iPad Pro is] the end all and the be all".

The app switcher is redesigned to lobby an easier and more convenient move between apps in use. Numerous apps in this category require a bit of setup, where you enter the name of the medications you take, your dose, schedule and other information; some also integrate with the Health app built into iOS 8 and later, and have Apple Watch companion apps.

Just because Apple could easily enable the full drag and drop functionality on iPhone doesn't mean the company will necessarily do it this year.

The icon dock on the iPad has got a major revamp and allows users to have up to 15 apps placed on it. We've already been dragging and dropping elements inside iPad apps-it's about time we be able to do so between them as well.

Apple is launching HomePod in the U.S., UK, and Australia for US$349. The new iPad Pro has "Files" a File Explorer or Finder of sort. Now, if you wish to launch an app on top of the one you are using right now, you need to pull up the dock, tap and hold on your desired secondary app, and drag it on to the screen.

"We've added all the apis to ensure users can edit, create, manage their lists and notes and reminders, not just that, but also users will be able to search in their lists and notes".