Rocket League Includes Cross-Network Support On The Nintendo Switch

Snakebyte's Nintendo Switch accessories beef-up battery-life, boost backseat battles

Super Mario Odyssey will release in 2017, which is huge news for Switch owners everywhere and an incredible one-two punch for Nintendo following the success of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild earlier this year.

The main game everyone was itching to see more on was undoubtedly Super Mario Odyssey. Players can customize their vehicles with Mario and Luigi hats in the Switch version of the game. Who knows what this means for future Nintendo games, if they are kid-proofing all their titles, or just Kirby and Yoshi. It's got many freaky mini-universes, including a New York City doppelganger called New Donk City. Gameplay for all the featured games will be streamed from the E3 show floor June 13 to June 15 via, as well as on Nintendo's channels on YouTube and Twitch.

Our first honest-to-goodness new game announcement came courtesy of Nintendo's resident pink sphere. This is, however, Nintendo trying something different, something fans of the Japanese gaming giant have been asking the company to do for a number of years now. The ship requires resource to power which acts as a progression system as you go through the game, keeping some areas locked until you're ready for them. This game will be released August 29th, 2017.

However, Nintendo Direct did not stop at the above trailer.

Furthermore, Nintendo mentioned that Mario's hat will be a sentient character in this latest installment and will open up several new gameplay options. Super Mario Odyssey will come to the Switch on October 27.

The Switch has been a hit since its March release, with Nintendo, which has its North American headquarters in Redmond, struggling to produce enough to meet demand.

Fans are already speculating whether or not the game is the rumored Pokemon Stars, a port of Pokemon Sun and Moon from the 3DS, or an entirely new game.

Next up for Nintendo E3: A T-Rex wearing Mario's Cap- Cue the jolliest trailer of E3.

Unfortunately, however, Super Mario Odyssey demo sessions are now only listed for Canada.