Boris Johnson denies plot to topple UK PM Theresa May


Instead, her election gamble has failed and she and her Conservative party have been weakened, with many on Friday questioning May's future as prime minister. The Labour Party itself has been completely loyal to British and world imperialism, even if the Corbyn wing has criticized British aggression and condemned Tony Blair as a war criminal.

"Just because they're going to support us on the big economic issues, it doesn't mean we agree with all their views - we don't", Sir Michael said. But Corbyn's party won many new seats Thursday. Speaking after the outcome became clear, May acknowledged that the result was a disappointment.

This is the first time since the 1990s that Britain has a minority government, in which the governing party can not get measures though Parliament without outside support.

May will also need the support of the socially conservative, pro-Brexit Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which won 10 seats in Northern Ireland. Some experts are calling the Conservatives' unexpected loss of seats a rejection of the "hard Brexit" May has advocated, which would take Britain out of the single market and the customs union and which could see tariffs slapped on British exports to the EU.

She said they had had "very good discussions" in Belfast on Saturday with Conservative chief whip Gavin Williamson, but declined to be drawn on the details.

The result also prompted criticism of May from within her own ranks as well as from the Opposition.

May called for the election last April, saying she hoped to expand her parliamentary majority.

So is Britain's European Union exit now in doubt? "I'm ecstatic", said 19-year-old Toby French, who is studying politics and worldwide relations at the University of Kent, which has a Canterbury campus. Protagonists of the Conservative Party live and die by the sword. We know when they must end.

The picture was different in Scotland, where Conservatives scored gains against the Scottish National Party of Nicola Sturgeon. That is simply unsustainable, said political analyst Ian Dunt, author of the book Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now? Steven Fielding, a professor of politics at the University of Nottingham, called her "a zombie prime minister". May tried to portray herself as a singular leader, but now she can stay in power only with the help of one of the small Northern Irish parties.

The election's biggest victor was Corbyn, who confounded expectations that his left-wing views made him electorally toxic.

Alternatively, an election could come about if a motion of no confidence in the government is passed in the House of Commons and no motion expressing confidence in the government is subsequently passed within 14 days - the wording of these motions has to be precisely as set out by the Act.

"The arguments the Conservative Party put forward in this election have lost, and we need to change", he said. It drew strong support from young people, who appeared to have turned out to vote in bigger-than-expected numbers. They want to get it started.

At the time, it seemed to make sense.

At the beginning of the campaign it had been assumed Mr Corbyn was a lame duck, who would be forced to quit as leader following a humiliating defeat by the Tories.

Osborne used the front page of his newspaper to predict "Corbyn Chaos" - and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson repeatedly ridiculed Corbyn in the campaign's waning moments. The voting was held Thursday.

The move was denounced by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who called on her to stand aside and allow him to form an administration, declaring: "We are ready to serve".

European Council President Donald Tusk warned there was "no time to lose" in starting the negotiations, with the two-year countdown to Britain's exit from the European bloc already well underway. "This was the first time I voted".

He said the Conservative election manifesto - which Hill and Timothy were key in drafting - was "a full assault on the core Tory voters, who are senior citizens". Many voters preferred the Conservatives over Labour because of Brexit negotiations. Britain has also been hit with three terror attacks since March, and campaigning was twice suspended.

For American progressives watching the United Kingdom election Thursday, the results likely served a boost of spirit.

Brexit was supposed to be the main theme of the election.

Despite coming a clear second behind Theresa May, Mr Corbyn took 261 seats, an increase of 29 from two years ago and the best vote share since Tony Blair's 2001 landslide.