New Star Wars: Battlefront II multiplayer beta details

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Gameplay for the upcoming EA title Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been revealed during tonight's EA Play event. The map, titled "Assault on Theed" sees the Republic and Confederacy battling for control of Naboo Palace and marketplace as players vie for dominance.

BFII will include multiple Force Awakens Characters such as Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn, and Captain Phasma.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Game Director Dennis Brannvall explained that the heroes will work under a rock-paper-scissors type of functionality, in which certain character types are more effective against others. Whether it's video games, movies, tv, comics, or tech, you will likely find Kevin there.

Check out Star Wars Battlefront 2 in action!

EA PLAY 2017 is one of the biggest pop culture events of the summer. Star Wars: Battlefront's heroes were more like wooden figures than anything else. "'Battle Points" will be earned by players, letting them come in as heroes or vehicles after they earn enough.

The first bit of gameplay footage will air during EA Play tomorrow.

Andrew Wilson returns, saying Star Wars stuff is coming after a brief talk about EA's partnership with some charities.

Seasons will be free content updates post-launch, and the first will be released in December with content based on The Last Jedi. What also won't disappoint is news that will get any die-hard fan access to the game sooner than later. The game is said to feature three times as much content as the 2015 Star Wars: Battlefront game.

Those who pre-order Star Wars Battlefront 2 (and those who have already pre-ordered) will be able to start playing the beta early.

As we mentioned before, players will get the chance to experience a brand new story mode, a feature that the first Battlefront was so dreadfully in need of.

If you preorder the game, you'll be given access to four upgraded player classes, in addition to being able to play the game three days early: the Elite Officer, Heavy Metal, Armored Assault, and Master Specialist.