Apple Adds VR Content Creation To Mac Computers

Apple to reveal iOS11, macOS 10.13 details during conference

The new app will make it easier to search through your photos thanks to a new chronological view of imports, a permanent sidebar, and better facial recognition with the ability to sync data across devices.

Ever since the death of Aperture, the Apple faithful have been waiting (and waiting... and waiting) for the Photos app to "catch" up. In my tests it worked as well as it did on stage: I duplicated a couple of large video files around 10GB in size to the same folder with Sierra, then did the same in High Sierra. This includes Levels, Curves, Definition, Sharpness, Noise, Selective Color adjustment, and more. Just like it did before the phase out of 32-bit apps on the refreshed iOS, Apple intends on actively and constantly alerting both Mac users and developers about the planned abolition. Photos are now better organized, plus some new handy editing tools have been added. Metal support has been hugely optimized in these past weeks and months, and most of our custom shaders were supported out-of-the-box, while we never had Metal in mind while creating those shaders.

Elsewhere Metal, Apple's low-level graphics API, has also now been updated to version two with support for VR.

Apple also announced a new line of iMacs and MacBooks, as well as a MacOS update called High Sierra.

High Sierra is now downloadable today for developers and a public Beta will be available later this June. But by stepping into the external graphics arena, Apple is at least giving gamers with Mac machines the option to game with something approaching higher-end desktop hardware. It also maintains read-and-write compatibility with HFS drives.

"With this, Apple brings support for HTC Vive and SteamVR to the 100 million active Mac users". Furthermore, High Sierra is set to be available as a free update this fall, for everyone who has Sierra on their devices.

On the privacy front, Apple is doing more to stop ads that follow you from site to site.

The all new Apple File System will get you native encryption. The new OS has a new file system and supports High-Efficiency Video Coding (HVEC) and brings support for Metal.

If you are trying to decide if the High Sierra beta is right for you, this list of reasons to install the beta and reasons to wait can help you decide if you should take the plunge.

Apple did show off its dedicated VR hardware solution from WWDC.