'Wonder Woman' lassos $11 million Thursday night


She truly embodies an Amazon in the film.

Working on an epic scale for the first time, she hereby becomes the first female director of a studio superhero flick and the first director of a superhero film with a female protagonist.

There has been a ton of anticipation for #WonderWoman, the latest instalment in the DC Extended Universe.

Wonder Woman opens in theaters today.

I'm here to ease your fears. Diana asks him, curiously. Still, it is certainly one of the best of the summer blockbuster season so far, coming in right behind GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2. The stellar new film starring Gal Gadot clears a path for another strong run. It is her belief that Ares, the god of war, is pushing the war and behind the violence in men's hearts. Later, the Amazons sealed themselves off from mankind, living a secluded existence in peaceful harmony. When a fighter pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is washed ashore on their secluded island, Diana finds out that war is ravaging the world.

Like any other DC film, this film too is aesthetically and magnificently mounted.

Diana's relentless pursuit of Ares leads her to a violent battle with an unexpected adversary.

German general Ludendorff (Danny Huston) and his chemist Doctor Poison (Elena Anaya) are the "bad guys" who are in the process of developing a poisonous gas that could wipe out millions.

On a more personal level, Steve and Diana - who have, of course, come to be more than mere comrades to each other - are discreetly portrayed as spending a night together, though the camera cuts away shortly after Steve locks the bedroom door behind them. Despite fighting alongside these fearless individuals, it doesn't take Diana long to learn that we mortals are more than capable of destroying one another on our own, with or without the influence of the gods.

Wonder Woman is in theaters Friday. I felt like the destructive quality that comes from oh, everybody knows, when you're making something out of nothing and it was hurtful to a production to make it seem like something is true but what are you going to do?

This is not only the first modern superhero movie directed by a woman, it's the first led by one. The screenplay, by comic book writer Allan Heinberg (with additional story credits for Zack Snyder along with Heinberg and Jason Fuchs), injects a welcome dose of humor. In the movie, she's a part of Antiope's Amazonian army and helps train Diana. Matthew Jensen's Cinematography and Rupert Gregson-Williams score add the obvious emotional boosters that enrich the viewing experience.

In order to save mankind from destroying itself, she leaves with Steve for London, where new wonders - both delightful and disgusting - welcome her. Steve must deliver a notebook of a German chemist so that he can alert the British government of the games their enemy is playing. And the super fan in us was pumped to see the nods to the DC comics and universe in the film.

Warner Bros. Pictures has yet to comment on the "Wonder Woman" ban in Lebanon and fans aren't expecting them to react.

Superhero Hype reports that Warner Bros. Later Jenkins said that it was a huge responsibility. There was really nowhere to go but up after "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" (which introduced Gadot as the character; she was one of the few redeeming qualities of that film) and the awful "Suicide Squad". I mean, the movie is called "Wonder Woman', so it's definitely Gal's show and she does a tremendous job leading it. It might be a $10 million movie or it might be $200 million movie".