Apple plans to add new supported app categories for Siri at WWDC


The company has considered including sensors that automatically adjust audio levels dependent on the acoustics of a room, insiders said. (Credit: Tom's Guide)Bloomberg reports that Apple has begun assembling a speaker powered by its Siri digital assistant that you'll control with your voice. Former Apple analyst Gene Munster says that the device will be used to help Apple develop its services business.

Rumours have been rife that the United States technology giant will reveal a new speaker that could take aim at Amazon's award-winning Echo.

Why this matters: Apple is banking on a smart speaker with superior sound quality and deeper ties to the Apple ecosystem. Recently, Google Home was updated with a calling functionality and Amazon Echo got a brother with a touch screen called Echo Show. Apple is testing speakers that generate virtual surround sound, greater volume and crisper sound than rival products. As a result, the product will be able to turn on or turn off Apple's HomeKit devices with a verbal command from the user.

Giving Siri its own dedicated speaker would allow Apple to ride the more recent phenomenon of always-listening voice assistants that can perform home automation tasks-via Apple's HomeKit protocol-in addition to looking up sports scores and reading weather reports.

On Monday, Apple will kick off its annual developer conference, WWDC 2017.

The people familiar with the matter also confirmed Kuo's beliefs that Inventec, which assembles Apple's AirPods, will be the contract manufacturer. This also makes it hard for Apple users to stream music on either of the speakers. This feature will improve the music playing on the speaker so that the listening experience of the users will be smooth and with louder speakers.

A leak in April by Sonny Dickson, who is known for sharing inside information in the tech world, revealed the Cupertino company is "currently finalizing" its smart speaker, which is said to be marketed as a 'Siri/AirPlay device'. That's because the two dominant players, Echo and Home, don't play nice with Siri. Well they are wrong, besides Apple makes much more money than them, and making more margin is proof that they invented it right? Amazon is already ahead in bringing third-party apps to its Alexa-powered Echo devices, even Apple services like iCloud calendar are being brought to the fold.