LeBron undaunted by challenge of facing Warriors in Finals


They have only one National Basketball Association championship (2015) to show for it.

"I'd like to tell you I'm ready", Kerr said, addressing reporters after Monday's practice here at the team's facility because his interim coach, Mike Brown, was out with the flu. We're trying to repeat which is so hard to do. "I think my messaging is important, and I think we found the right balance where, I'll help out here but I'm not going to be on the sidelines during the games". I would say I've gotten a little better.

Now right back where we were past year with both teams in good health, both with stellar shooters and defenders, and both feeling confident and validated by their respective Conference wins, it's fair for us as spectators to ask ourselves what the difference is and will be in these finals and what it is that one team needs to have over the other to secure the coveted National Basketball Association championship title and the backing to utter the phrase "Kiss the ring" with vindication. I don't feel like we're underdogs.

On Thursday, the Cleveland Cavaliers managed to secure a spot in the upcoming NBA Finals with their victory against the Boston Celtics. From that point forward, Brown has taken charge of the team and led the Warriors to a ideal 10-0 record, underscoring why Golden State made it a priority to go out and find an experienced head coach to replace Luke Walton as Kerr's lead assistant last summer.

Love complimented Green's competitiveness and aimed a verbal volley at Northern California.

"It is awkward, it is weird, but we're doing OK", Kerr said.

But James is always up for a challenge and should never be ruled out.

James elected not to talk about the Warriors following the game, choosing instead to celebrate a third straight conference title in Cleveland and his seventh consecutive Finals trip. Even in some of his Finals' losses, James should have been considered the MVP for just how dominate he was for his team.

The Warriors and the Cavs are making the league unwatchable. Who says the Warriors can't do the same thing with Kerr? They also became the league's latest (and arguably greatest) "super team".

Go argue with the Wall Street banker who watched Jordan drop 55 on the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden in the fifth game of a March 1995 comeback after almost two basketball-free years. You saw me in the fourth quarter of Game 2, I could not sit still in my chair, it was that much pain.

A big part of what ended Golden State last season was the Cavs battering Curry on both ends, resulting in a sorely diminished Curry on offense and a punching bag on defense. The addition of KD will be too much for the Cavs, as Durant will earn his first ring and do exactly what he set out to do when he joined Golden State this past offseason.

Had the Warriors not ousted the Thunder in the 2016 playoffs, it's likely that Durant would still be in Oklahoma City instead of joining Golden State in free agency.

"Just having an opportunity to rise to the occasion knowing this is when things matter most", he said. "Just watching him move without the basketball, getting easy baskets off of cuts and splits and when he passes the ball he's also relocating now. So it makes it even more risky when you equip that talent, that skill with those guys".

"I don't like the attention", he said.

Cavs coach Tyronn Lue wouldn't reveal whether he'll have James guard Durant exclusively. "And now here we are in a fresh Finals". "We'll use it as motivation".

"That nearly is kind of disrespectful because it's not like it's easy for us to get here". Just a quick glance a couple of lockers down to where Shaun Livingston dresses at Oracle Arena, defying the odds yet again this season as a regular reserve contributing to another Warriors championship chase, is all it takes. "So, that's what we're focused on". And remember, defense has been an issue for the Cavs all season long.