Erratic Trump needs to dispel distrust in him in Middle East

Police officer stabbed in potential terror attack in Netanya

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to stand against "elements in the world" who seek to deny Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem.

It explained that Israel pursues what it described as an "incitement strategy" over the truth of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Jerusalem and its history, identity and culture, especially during US President Donald Trump's visit to the region.

Trump visited Israel after Saudi Arabia. The president is being reassured that he is an ally, Saudi Arabia is looking forward to economic prosperity along with America-not apart from America.

As a leader of the program that targets the 25-40 age group, Kelman believes it's extremely important that the younger generation sees Israel during such a meaningful occasion. The red-carpet treatment he has received in that region should not be taken lightly; it has huge significance in that culture. It is obvious the kingdom is delighted the previous USA president Barack Obama has been replaced by a Republican who agrees with Riyadh about energy and Iran. Trump could have also leaned on Abbas to stop public incitements and acrimonious public narratives, and end financial aid to the families of terrorists. "I am grateful to United with Israel for helping Jerusalem lovers and supporters come together and show their commitment to the eternal, united and undivided capital of Israel and the heart and soul of the Jewish people".

On his return to the USA, his attention is going to be fully focused on his own political survival, not leaving much time for new departures, good or bad, in the Middle East and elsewhere. Next week he is scheduled to meet with Netanyahu to discuss how JNF can continue to be an agent of change in Israel.

For his part, Mr Trump's response to all of this has arguably made him look more presidential than at any point in his often chaotic-seeming tenure.

With this agreement in place, everything will calm down, i.e. "peace" will have been achieved and the newly formed Israel with the Gulf States, Egypt and Jordan can go about the business of defeating terrorism and containing Iran.

"Trump manages to reinvigorate the regional coalition and rally the pragmatic Sunni world two days after the elections in Tehran", said Ron Prosor, Israel's former envoy to the United Nations. And, although Jerusalem is certainly a highlight of the trips, the goal for members is to see how JNF is helping all walks of life across Israel.

In its report on Trump's visit to Israel, USA Today wrote that the president "sidestepped the question of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory, something that he and President Obama have both said do not help the peace process". And in the heart of Europe, Trump berated NATO allies over their financial commitments and would not explicitly endorse the "one for all, all for one" defense doctrine that has been the cornerstone of trans-Atlantic security for decades.

Whether bowing his head to receive the King Abdulaziz al Saud Collar from Saudi Arabian King Salman, gathering around the "glowing orb" at the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology in Riyadh or standing at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Trump played the leader of a superpower.

He returns to Washington now to find the US capital much the same as he left it - engulfed in the latest revelations about the federal investigation into his campaign's contacts with Russian Federation and with questions about the future of his presidency still swirling.

In response, Rouhani said Washington should drop its "hostile" policy.

The Sunni Saudi-Shiite Iranian rivalry now manifests itself in both major conflicts in the Middle East - Yemen and Syria - and furthering the divide will only increase conflict. "This is a battle between good and evil", is something new that Trump said, is questionable.

But when Trump spoke, he sounded like anything but a typical USA president.

"The big question is not whether the visit was symbolic rather than substantial but whether it will have long term affects". Perhaps he will try to squeeze the agreement indirectly by increasing sanctions against Iran on the basis of other issues, such as terrorism or human rights violations.