California Lawmaker Calls on Trump to Resign - Or Be Impeached

More Americans are for impeaching Donald Trump than against it poll finds

"This is where I stand, I will not be moved".

Earlier, Texas Democrat Al Green had become the first member of Congress to go to the House floor calling for Trump to be impeached, citing the mounting scandal over Trump's ties with Russian Federation as proof Moscow interfered in last year's presidential elections. "There is only one person on the planet who can make the decision whether to declassify something and whether to talk to someone outside of those of us that are cleared with the security, and that's the president of the United States".

"It's a position of conscience for me", Texas Rep. Al Green said in a speech on the House floor Wednesday. And Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) said on CNN Tuesday night that the situation described in the memos sounds serious and "could be construed as obstruction of justice", which has traditionally been an impeachable offense for USA presidents.

If a super-majority were to find the president guilty, he would be removed from office and Vice President Pence would take over.

With the White House running damage control, and critics smelling blood, some Democrats have mentioned the "I" word - impeachment - as a possibility for the 45th president, although initiating the procedure remains a hypothetical. It's similar to an indictment but not quite the same thing.

In fact, Congressman El Green from Texas on Wednesday became the first U.S. lawmaker to demand the impeachment of Trump from the House floor.

Republican Rep. Justin Amash of MI stated during a House GOP conference that if it was proven Trump had asked Comey to drop the Flynn investigation, then that would be grounds for impeachment, The Hill reports.

Trump fired Comey last Tuesday and claimed in a letter to Comey that the director was being let go because of his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails after it was discovered she had stored emails on a private server.

But the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff of California, told CNN that an impeachment would be a "wrenching experience" for the country.

The White House said, "The president has never asked Comey or anyone else to end any investigation". "But I think we're in impeachment territory now for the first time".

Come's memo details the February 14th meeting when he was alone in the Oval Office with President Trump. "We are talking about a president who fired the Federal Bureau of Investigation director who was investigating the president for his connections to Russian involvement in the president's election", he said. "That in fact was the first Article of Impeachment under President Nixon", Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Cali., said on MSNBC.

Several lawmakers point out however that obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense.