Melissa McCarthy's SNL return as Sean Spicer ends with passionate Trump kiss


It was a cop out and cheap sight gag, as if the show has nothing interesting to say about Trump or Spicer after the week of chaos following James Comey's firing.

The Post initially described the scenario as Spicer standing "in the bushes" but later issued a clarification stating he was "among the bushes".

Spicer also said "I like" the contentious daily press briefings.

The press took the opportunity to beg Sanders to take over briefing duties full time.

That's when McCarthy-as-Spicer emerged from the bushes to show off the Spicer character viewers are familiar with: one who takes a fire-extinquisher to a "liar liar trousers on fire" reporter and who throws a pillar at another. McCarthy was seen on Friday hitting streets of NY right outside the CNN offices in what appears to be a taping for Saturday's episode. "Sarah's out", the faux press secretary declared. Let us know what you think in comments. Because he told us so.

Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer roams Manhattan in search of answers.

However, when asked, "What if he's lying to you?".

Trump then goes in for a kiss, only to have Spice protest that he is married.

McCarthy then joined the female castmembers in a delightfully weird sketch in which Suburban moms force their new neighbor to choose an animal that represents her, while Kyle Mooney and Leslie Jones explored their relationship problems in a video segment.

In the show's opening sketch, Alec Baldwin was back as Trump in a spoof of this week's presidential interview with NBC News' Lester Holt (played by Michael Che).

She reaches Trump Tower only to be told that the president does not come to Trump Tower anymore.

Glen Thrush (Bobby Moynihan), a favorite target of McCarthy's Spicer, asked if Trump was "unhinged". In the sketch, Che's Holt is shocked when Baldwin-as-Trump admits to firing Comey because of the Russian Federation probe.

It seems like the opposition to President Trump is being led by Saturday Night Live, which, from the beginning, has set the tone on some of the most absurd moments in presidential history. The biggest laughs came at the expense of Kellyanne Conway, whom the show parodied last week as AWOL and then suddenly appeared on-air with Anderson Cooper just a few days later.

Overall, I would trade all the jokes that Trump and his team have supplied to comedians for a different presidential administration.

Marrieds Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were also on hand for an endearing Mother's Day-themed monologue, which found McCarthy take a fellow mom (whom she plucked out of the audience) backstage to show her how the late-night sketch comedy series comes together.