This Mother's Day think of another mother


Most mothers I have known in my life do the same, but we don't always notice it, acknowledge it and thank them for it. Serena Williams just won the Australian Open tennis tournament, her 23rd Grand Slam singles title, while she was in her first trimester. So that's what I, as a mother, hope for. If you know why she is not celebrating and the rest of the family does not then be supportive of her choice with other people who do not know the whole story. "I can't. I just can't". There were a few posts and greetings on social media and I heard that a Sunday mass homily was even dedicated to mothers.

Ask anyone, no matter how young or old, who has lost their mother what their life is like without her. I remember how I felt to carry the full weight of motherhood on my shoulders.

She protected me, pushed me to do better throughout life, laughed with me and nurtured my present, future and past, she is my mother.

One piece of great advice my mother gave me was to not sweat the small stuff and to choose bigger and more important battles. We can make them feel delightful. I'd stop that in a minute.

All too often, we take our mothers for granted. It made me think about my decision and, of course, I did not use good judgement. "And my kids actually do, but you know how it is". So don't get upset that you and the Ground Hog only get one day. Those days will have their share of laughter and tears. Again, you're saving the family's money, so she can buy you nice things later. It's something to keep in mind if you plan to honor your mother on Sunday. The same is true of all our ancestors as far back as you care to count. "Always guiding me to do what's right, help others in need with magnanimous character and put large amounts on my plate in order to become the very best that I could be for her".

Those who are fortunate enough to still have their mothers likely spent some time in the past week or so shopping for the flawless gift, planning a ideal meal or even searching for a flawless card to express appreciation for the person who brought them into this world. You even have a hand raising my kid.

It's been 12 years since I celebrated Mother's Day with my mom for the last time. She teaches the life's most valuable lessons in terms of unconditional love, Kindness and many moral values. "There are times when my mom tells me not to do certain things, but my mother-in-law would be like, "Tujhe joh karna hai, kar, baaki main sambhal lungi".

She not only sees the physical and health benefits of running, but the mental health benefits in exercising, getting fresh and achieving things you never thought possible.