The Biz of Mother's Day

A chance to rest and spend time with the family is a great kickstarter to Mother's Day

We will be honouring moms all weekend long on 105.3 Rock with the "Mother of all ROCK" Weekend.

It dawns on us that mothers suffer the most in times of conflict and other disasters. After thinking about it, I decided I'd give them my real answer: What do I want for Mother's Day? A mother is the most dependable person a child can have and someone who a child should never be scared of getting help from.

When I shared my Mom Perma Guilt theory, one mom had an instant tear of commiseration, while another mother quickly told me I'd left out a whole brand of guilt I didn't know existed. Though my grandparents lived close by us in the San Francisco Bay Area, it was Mom who had to do all the household and motherhood chores. She obviously lost that battle. Doing the things mothers and daughters do. B&N has free Wi-Fi, a Starbucks and, of course, many books. One woman approached me to request to have a look at one of our students, she wanted to see the love child of her son. "We play jack en poy (rock, paper, scissors) and gives me presents". Since my mother's a doctor, I had numerous babysitters growing up, but that didn't stop her from making concerted efforts to come home early to spend time with me, ensure I was fed, clothed, and happy.

You may be able to get even more tax benefits if you donate appreciated assets, such as stocks, to a charity.

She may use the body soap and hand lotion, but inevitably, there will be tons of little pointless add-ons that end up hogging room in her medicine cabinet for the next few decades. Time hasn't moved on it has simply shifted.

It's odd how you sometimes don't think about something, or even notice it, until it becomes part of your life. I guess we did okay; at least that's what the kids tell me now. Sleep. It is something all moms want more of and never get the chance to catch up on.

As far as flowers go, there are plenty of places where you can find mom's newest addition to the garden. If you're not the sharing type, or prefer to work your grief out on your own, I can recommend writing as a reasonably effective salve.

Because of the experience, I soaked myself in the singing of Lea Salonga and Aiza Seguerra to catch some comfort, security and love.

Get mom a basket of craft supplies for scrapbooking, mosaic, d├ęcoupage or any of her hobby essentials. This would be OK if it were because she had graduated high school, gone off to college and started her life, but that's not what happened. Nowhere in my house have I hidden a gift sure to make her smile. When you were young, dry cereal and milk was the gourmet breakfast that you learned to serve yourself. I believe them because I can sense it's coming.

Two weeks before Mother's Day, in CVS I am drawn to the bounteous card display. What she does is out of pure love for her children and family. I guess I always will. Frankly, I'm just used to apologies when it comes to talking about my mom at this point.

The Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton which is now named the International Mother's Day Shrine. Even though I obviously do not know what it is like to be mother, I can see that being one is not an easy task. Mom's tastes change just like anyone else's. She will not admit it, but your mother does feel a little "tampo" if all you do is focus on your gadgets instead of having a conversation with her. Don't forget the coffee.