Cinco de Mayo met with more ambivalence in age of Trump


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Hernández Guerrero said California was one of the first states to celebrate the day in late 1860s.

Despite the fact that Francois Dominguez and Patricia Leon did not grow up celebrating Cinco de Mayo, the owners have embraced the holiday.

But the Albuquerque, New Mexico, resident said she's reluctant to take part in Cinco de Mayo festivities this year as President Donald Trump steps up federal immigration enforcement and supporters back his call for the building of a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border.

"Other countries around the world are adopting Cinco de Mayo to celebrate the Mexican culture, so thank you, the U.S.", Hernández Guerrero said with a laugh.

The Mexican army wasn't suited to beat the French invaders-their army was much, much smaller than France's-so their win was a momentous occasion for the country, thus resulting in the celebration we now know as Cinco de Mayo.

"I had one group of people who were like, 'No, it's fine".

Drink, be merry and celebrate the handsome Mexican culture. Most importantly, it reminded the Mexican people that they had the power and strength to stand up for themselves.

Cinco de Mayo is a cultural phenomenon in the United States. It's been big in the United States since Mexican Americans raised awareness for it in the 1960s.

"We'll have DJ music, booths, food, music, history and arts and crafts on Friday", LULAC 682 president Wanda Rosales said. And, for the 12 years his business was open, Cinco de Mayo made him big profits there, too.

Chuy's: The Tex-Mex restaurant is offering drink specials on frozen margaritas, Coronas, and more.

And sure, candidate Trump had some choice words for certain Mexican immigrants during the campaign, and is still trying to build his "big, handsome wall". And he has recently started deporting undocumented immigrants - many of whom have built lives in the US for decades - back to Mexico.

Events in honor of Cinco de Mayo weren't established in the USA until sometime in the mid-20th century. However, since it landed on the American calendar, it's taken on an Americanized significance that in many ways detracts from its own goal: to believe in the power of the Mexican people. Here are some great avocado recipes for cinco-de-mayo.