Trump threatens Canada over milk imports

Trump threatens Canada over milk imports

The dairy industry is also keeping up with contacts in Washington, he said. "So it would be nearly altruistic for a dairy processor to pick up a few of these farms to help relieve some of that situation", said Mark Stephenson, director of the University of Wisconsin Center for Dairy Profitability, in an April 21, 2017 interview with Wisconsin Public Television's Here And Now.

PREM GANDHI: I think that will be a very costly and very - I shouldn't say stupid mistake, but it will be a mistake. Yet the Canadian dairy industry, in defending its milk reclassification policy, indicated the product was duty-free, quota-free, did not impose any import taxes, and thus did not break any import rules. However, there are some products, such as milk protein concentrates and ultra filtered milk, that are allowed from the U.S. Scott Walker says he's been staying in touch with the White House this week to keep a pulse on the Canadian dairy trade dispute that could soon leave dozens of Wisconsin farms without a market for their milk.

- Clark says she hasn't received a response from Prime Minister Justice Trudeau to a letter she wrote asking Ottawa to ban the shipment of thermal coal through B.C.'s ports, which would hurt US coal producers. Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. have plants in Mexico and Canada, and many of their vehicles are exported to the United States.

Aside from liking his peers, he acknowledged a more substantive reason for keeping his finger off the trigger: economic disruption.

Harrop said it is about being more competitive in the market. He went out of his way to bash the five-year-old free-trade deal between the United States and South Korea, irritating that ally at precisely the same time he needs Seoul's cooperation against North Korea.

According to the U.S. Commerce Department, the U.S. trade deficit in goods with Mexico was about $63.1 billion (about ¥7 trillion) in 2016. The net impact of Trump's calculations, which run counter to most widely accepted views of the benefits of trade, are hard to predict, said Claude Barfield, a trade expert at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. They say Canada is setting a nationalist policy that makes it cheaper for processors to buy Canadian-made ingredients, undercutting foreign competitors. "The issue with America's dairy farmers in Wisconsin is over-production and over-supply, not over Canada's system of supply management".

North of the border, Maude Barlow, president of the Council of Canadians, a leftist think tank, noted that "Canada has its own grievances" with its United States neighbor and that it was time for Trudeau to stand up for Canadian interests.

Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes Senator Bob Runciman, while acknowledging he is distant from happenings in Washington, said he believes Trump's actions were a negotiating tactic.

The US lumber industry has complained for decades that Canada subsidizes its producers to be able to sell wood products at reduced prices in the US market. Under Article 2205, a president can order a pullout and then after six months can start executing it. Federal and state lawmakers have been trying to find short-term solutions, as well as investigating trade pacts with Canada.

The decision announced by the White House to renegotiate NAFTA and not ditch it followed an uproar by farm groups and others over a possible withdrawal.

"If I'm unable to make a fair deal", the president said, "if I'm unable to make a fair deal for the United States, meaning a fair deal for our workers and our companies, I will terminate NAFTA".

"I think that that is what helped the president slow down the process, not unilaterally withdraw or give notice of withdrawal".