Texas backs tough sanctuary city ban as federal push stalls


"Worrying about an immigration raid".

On Monday, May 1, Johnson will appear before the House Committee on Business and Industry to discuss HB 225 to prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and to discuss HB 290 to prohibit pay discrimination for comparable work based on gender.

She was followed by state Rep. Rep. Ana Hernandez, a Houston Democrat who came to the United States as a child and undocumented immigrant, told colleagues she knows firsthand the impact the bill will have on many families. She held up letters she received from SB 4 supporters telling her to starve.

Addressing "sanctuary" jurisdictions was declared an emergency item by Gov. Select 85th legislative session.

The debate on SB4 is expected to be lengthy. Some later filed into the House visitors' gallery to applaud bill opponents on the floor. A third House member simply predicted "a total shitshow".

Opposition to the anti-immigrant bill surrounded the debate.

So SB 4 should be seen as a very significant piece of legislation.

"Not everyone will agree with what I have to say", Neave said.

Villalba responded by noting previous episodes in which Anchia has said GOP-driven legislation on immigration is fueled by racism. "We are focused on the criminal side".

Republican Rep. Jason Villalba of Dallas recounted in explicit details the racism he encountered as a Latino, but said he still supports the measure. He said his immigrant relatives were called "spics" and "wetbacks". He had barred the state from enforcing the law in a preliminary opinion saying it was unconstitutional, but a federal appeals court overruled him.

Turner said Republicans shoulder the full burden for passing out the controversial measure, despite Schaefer's claims that Democrats had the opportunity to keep out some of the most controversial language. Eddie Lucio III, D-Brownsville, warned Republicans: "Do not mess with us today".

Democrats say the amended version of the bill that was passed will lead to racial profiling.

Neave also fears the bill would have a negative effect on law enforcement.

It doesn't include extra state funding to pay for seat belts and the bill's author, Democratic Sen. In the days leading up to the vote on SB 4, she had fasted in protest.

The measure would also require the lockdown facilities to document when they restrain pregnant individuals or place them in isolation, and to report the number of miscarriages that occur.

"There was a framework for that type of agreement, [and] we were discussing it", he said.

State Rep. Chris Turner, a Grand Prairie Democrat and chairman of the Democratic Caucus, disputed Schaefer's characterization.

The ruling and the judge were quickly attacked by the White House. "Then the Republicans came in and said the deal was off".

Under it, the state could withhold funding from local governments for acting as sanctuary cities, even as the Trump administration's efforts to do so nationally have hit roadblocks.