Curved OLED iPhone 8 confirmed by Samsung?

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Now, it seems that the device will indeed become available once again in South Korea.

The word of Samsung's latest development cycle comes via The Bell, which cites unnamed insider industry sources who claim Samsung has been working on the new display panel for the Galaxy S9 since March.

The 300,000 units are really small compared to the overall units recalled before for Samsung Note 7. A new Exynos chip also wasn't mentioned, but there's a big possibility that Samsung might also use a new model of the chipset for its still-in-development flagship. If the report is to be believed, the units are likely to be marketed as the Galaxy Note 7R. The "increase" part means it will have more orders - perhaps from one new partner specifically.

In the report, its stated that the Galaxy Note 7 will be sold as the Galaxy Note 7 R to indicate it's a refurbished model. Other specifications remain the same. The biggest consumer electronics show that gathers journalists from around the world, is a flawless place to unveil Samsung Galaxy Note 8, BGR reported.

Samsung confirmed to The Wall Street Journal that there is no hardware defect with the display, and that any red-tint can be fixed with software. Th reputation of the Note line is in serious disarray, while Samsung has cleaned it's proper name up quite a bit. As per our assumption, "R" probably stands for refurbished or refreshed. Projected prices for the refurbished model when it launches almost a year later will be 700,000 KRW or $620. All this new tech may ramp up the price of the device up to $1,000.

Samsung has announced it is set to launch refurbished versions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 without the faulty batteries.

The Galaxy S8 is proof that Samsung is getting better and better at designing smartphones.