Theresa May would launch pre-emptive nuclear strike, Defence Secretary says


London Mayor Sadiq Khan has endorsed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister in an interview with Sky News.

He ruling Conservative Party is set to win around 50 percent of the vote, double that of the opposition Labor party.

He also drew a clear line between his leadership and his party's New Labour past.

But she may also face election fatigue among an electorate who voted in the European Union referendum less than a year ago, and some commentators say her warnings that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn might win the vote ring hollow in light of opinion polls.

Polls put Labour a long way behind May's Conservatives as the campaign begins, and the opposition party has been accused of offering a muddled position on Brexit.

"The Tories' promises to deal with energy bills should be taken with a huge pinch of salt".

Jeremy Corbyn will pledge a ten pound per hour "real living wage" while guaranteeing a "triple lock" on pensions during a campaign visit to Scotland today.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced that if Labour wins 8 June election the United Kingdom will get four new bank holidays.

According to a Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times in Scotland, Labour's support there stands at 13%, compared with 33% for the Conservatives and 44% for the SNP.

"Jeremy knows that trident is Labour party policy", Mr Gwynne said.

In an interview on the BBC's World This Weekend, Blair also said he was so concerned about the prospect of Britain plunging out of the single market that he could even return to frontline politics, saying: "I look at the political scene at the moment and I nearly feel motivated to go right back into it".

The SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon will also address the congress in Aviemore. "Our key seats list will continue to include support for those willing to campaign against hard Brexit from across the political spectrum". The current parliament will dissolve on June 3.

Meanwhile, Corbyn declared on Sunday that he could suspend British involvement in air strikes against Syria if he was elected prime minister in June.

"He's against the nuclear deterrent; would stop building the submarines which we have already started building; he wouldn't control our borders; and earlier he has even questioned our North Atlantic Treaty Organisation deployment".

May has refused to calm concerns among EU citizens living in Britain over their future rights after Britain leaves the bloc, saying she would only give a commitment when she had won the same guarantees for Britons living in the European Union.

Commercial providers would be phased out of providing care within the state-owned National Health Service, Corbyn said on BBC Television's "Andrew Marr Show".