Easy choice: Browns CB Haden wants Garrett with No. 1 pick

Easy choice: Browns CB Haden wants Garrett with No. 1 pick

10 and then the Browns' second pick is No. 12. This is Jacksonville - the team that has not had the greatest draft record of late.

"We have received calls, " said Browns.

"It doesn't matter when you got drafted or who you are, he's going to be in your face no matter what", Haden said. One was taken first and the other was taken second overall. As of this report, both the Chicago Bears and Cleveland Bears are "quarterback-needy" heading towards the 2017-18 National Football League season, giving both teams an incentive to try to land a talented prospect next weekend.

Haden's job description doesn't include talent evaluator, but if he was putting together a mock draft, Garrett would be his first - and only - choice.

Still, there's only so much information to gather and analyze.

Every Browns fan has seen the ever so popular Jersey, the fan jersey with the names of the twenty five quarterbacks that have tried and failed to lead the team since 1999.

Which means the days of the Browns reaching for players or picking a player to create "buzz" are gone. "We feel good about where we are". We really try to plan for the total haul. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article.

One option would be trading up from No. 12 to get Trubisky, and reported Wednesday the Browns have talked to the New York Jets about the No. 6 pick. You've got to make plays to be out there on the field.

So the Browns won't be active off the bat next Thursday, but they could end up being one of the more active teams on the market when all is said and done. He later added when pressed on their anticipated approach next week, "The need to continue to acquiring high-value picks is less intense this year".

No one is guessing where Jackson comes down on the top draft prospects - Mitch Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson and DeShone Kizer - or how highly he prizes New England's Jimmy Garoppolo.

Indeed, all four quarterbacks have been linked to at least the notion of being interested in drafting a quarterback at the top of the draft. At the same time, I'm not ready to say he's a lock for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The hard-hitting safety is undersized but a favorite among many in the draft analyst community. But both teams could solidify needs. He couldn't wait to put the worst season of his career behind him. "This is an important draft for us". Hunt was impressive at the Senior Bowl and is poised to contribute right away for whoever selects him, whether it be on Day 2 or 3 of the draft.

Both Brown and Andrew Berry, the club's vice president of player personnel, gushed when talking about the Aggies All-American, who has emerged as the consensus best player on the board in 2017.