Donald Trump slams 100-day mark as 'ridiculous standard'


But on matters outside Trump's direct control, he has struggled to make forward progress in the quagmire of Washington.

The first 100 days of any presidency are considered the so-called "salad days", a period when the incoming administration seeks to secure some of its key priorities, carrying with it the mandate of the election victory.

Trump and his aides have repeatedly denied any collusion with Moscow, and the president himself has called the investigations a "witch hunt" akin to McCarthyism during the Cold War. That move drew a sharp contrast between Trump and his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, who threatened action against Assad should he use chemical weapons but then did not follow through when the Syrian dictator did just that.

We sought an explanation from the White House for Trump's claim but did not get an answer.

Conflicting speech within a government is hardly unusual but can be risky if it leads to miscalculation by other countries, which may take measures on the basis of what officials say, only to find that those officials did not have the last word on the matter.

Trump did come through with at least one campaign promise: the appointment of conservative judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court (presumably the "S.C." in his tweet). "The College Republicans are happy that the president put someone in there to uphold the Constitution".

If Trump hopes to eventually beat Obama on the list, he might have to spend less time working on his Twitter and golf games and more on wrangling members of Congress to support his legislative goals. "The Syria strikes and the MOAB drop on ISIS are flawless examples of the administration carrying out with that". But he said the president could recover among independents if he succeeds in boosting economic growth.

The U.S. president also appeared to appeal to French voters in favor of far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen of France's National Front party.

Meanwhile, Trump is woefully behind in presidential appointments, especially in naming people for Senate-confirmed posts.

To understand Trump supporters, one must first understand that they are not part of the traditional system, they typically do not engage in polls, and they actively work to protect the very data that polls rely on.

Avalos said he thinks the administration needs to think about the effects of its policies and evaluate the consequences. "There are those that say I've done more than anybody in 100 days", Trump said two months ago, quoting people who don't exist. "I will make sure it gets done properly".

But Spicer suggested the administration has some flexibility and said he is confident there will not be a government shutdown. Pew found that 92 percent of Republicans and independents thought Trump was doing better or as well as they expected him to do in the job, with 7 percent stating he had done worse than anticipated.

Democrats hoping for a wave election in 2018 must reverse historically disappointing off-year turnout by these voters in 2010 and 2014.

Instead, the strike conformed to his preferred modus operandi: it disregarded established multilateral structures, promoted his reputation for unpredictability and again showed that America can be strong.