Texas Senate pitches simplified school funding formula


The House Health and Human Services Committee is expected to vote this morning on SB 7, a bill to tighten up on food stamp eligibility in New Hampshire, and will hold hearings on SB 242, another attempt by Manchester State Sen.

Throughout the evening, Huberty successfully moved to table many of his colleagues' proposed amendments to the bill, either because they would add to the bill's price tag or because he deemed them irrelevant to his legislation.

As more and more attention is drawn to Senate Bill 188 regarding vacation rentals, I think it is important that my community has a deeper understanding of what is going on in Tallahassee than what they see watching one committee meeting.

The Texas Tribune thanks its sponsors. It features audio from President Ronald Reagan, in hopes that Republicans who oppose raising the gas tax will listen to him.

This is the third year that a proposal to increase the state's 16.75-cent-a-gallon gas tax has stalled in the S.C. Senate.

The biological sex on Libby's birth certificate says "boy' but that does not match the 7-year-old's gender identify". Seliger changed the bill to give more freedom to institutions and support students at underprivileged schools. It edits the state's formula, with the intention of distributing the money more equitably.

There are two abortion bills still in play in the 2017 Montana Legislature.

Flagler County's fight against state bills that would block local regulations against short-term vacation rentals continues Monday.

Some parents showed up Tuesday because they heard - incorrectly - that Taylor's bill would cut all funding for gifted and talented students. It simply changes how that money gets to school districts. "They did not vote specifically for what form it comes in", argued Representative Elizabeth Porter. He said the definitions of gender and gender identity in local nondiscrimination ordinances varies from city to city, creating "a patchwork of inconsistency throughout the state of Texas". The state, which pays the difference, has been decreasing its share over time, instead relying on property tax revenue.

"HB 2899 would remove my daughter's school's ability to keep her safe should any issue arise in the future, her school would be stripped of any ability to protect her", said Rachel Gonzales, the mother of a transgender child.

Three states-Alabama, Texas and South Carolina-are now vying to be the next state in the nation to do away with the requirement for law-abiding gun owners to be licensed by the government to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense.