Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Which is best?


In any case, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has seriously impressed us, bagging a top 5/5 score in our full review. Some folks have already received their Galaxy S8 handsets and others are reporting their devices are on trucks ready to be delivered.

Reports reveal that several customers in the country who were given the chance to own the latest Samsung flagship smartphone after signing up for pre-order claim on social media that some of the Samsung Galaxy S8 devices come with a unusual, red tint on the screens.

There's one terrific Galaxy S8 feature that wasn't covered in either of those two supplemental posts, though, and it might come as a surprise to some smartphones fans. Samsung also wants to regain the customer satisfaction and confidence that was shattered due to total failure of Galaxy Note 7. The S8 gets by with a 3,000 mAh battery while the larger sibling gets a 3,500 mAh battery. They will have plenty of time to enjoy the Infinity Display, hoping they will not face the same problem as their South Korean counterparts. We praised the handset's impressive screen, well-performing camera, and innovative, futuristic design.

And of course, Galaxy's biggest competition, Apple's iPhone 8 is also rumored to feature an interesting, nearly bezel-less design.

Regarding the rear-positioned fingerprint sensor, some people say that the location of the sensor leads to smudges on the camera's lens. The current iPhone 7 Plus maxes out at 2x zoom. The 13-megapixel telephoto will come with dual Optical Image Stabilization.

Surprisingly, the Galaxy S8 has been bombarded by several complaints early on in its debut. I was also unlucky. Although iPhone's are also known for longer battery life, yet once empty, it becomes frustrating to charge them as they lack fast charging.

Both the phones also have a separate dedicated button to trigger Bixby - Samsung's response to Google Assistant and Apple Siri.