Chinese State Media Cheer Xi-Trump Meeting, Say Confrontation Not Inevitable


North Korea has already conducted a number of weapons tests this year, including firing a ballistic missile into the waters off the Korean Peninsula last week, ahead of Trump's meeting with Xi.

The meeting of the leaders of the world's two largest economies was largely overshadowed by the USA missile strikes on Syria.

He did not elaborate on the progress or the problems.

The pro-independence Liberty Times said Trump was "shaking hands with Xi Jinping with his left hand and launching missiles with his right" to pressure China to rein in North Korea.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani meanwhile said that "terrorists" were applauding Trump for launching a missile strike on an airbase of his Syrian government ally.

He said he believes the US and China can continue to develop the relationship, noting that it's the historic responsibility of both countries to work toward peace and stability.

Trump said he had a good discussion with Xi in their first meeting, exchanged opinions on a wide array of topics, and established a warm personal rapport.

On the night of the Chinese President's arrival, a U.S. airstrike on an airbase in Syria was launched on Thursday in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack.

Currency: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said a decision on the currency manipulator label will be addressed in a report coming out "in the very near future".

"I doubt the Chinese in the end think this was really done as a message to Beijing", said Paal, who served as Asian affairs director in the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

He didn't specify North Korea, but the context was clear enough. It claims its nuclear weapons are a necessary deterrent to the US military threat.

North Korea, an item that featured high on the agenda of the Xi-Trump summit, was perhaps one such issue for which Xi would have preferred a touch and go approach, if not avoid altogether.

Xinhua, China's official news agency, said Xi had invited Trump to make a state visit to China in 2017 and that the U.S. president had "accepted the invitation with pleasure, and hoped to make the trip at an early date".

Mr Trump appeared light-hearted earlier as he greeted Mr Xi at Mar-A-Lago, gesturing and pointing to journalists as they tussled to get a picture of the leaders together for the first time.

Environmentalists fear climate collaboration between the United States and China - one of the brightest spots of relations under Barack Obama - will suffer now that Trump, who has called climate change a Chinese hoax, is in the White House.

For Xi, who is entering a twice-a-decade Communist Party congress in the fall, the meeting with Trump was more about stabilizing the critical US-China relationship and burnishing his foreign policy credentials than achieving a breakthrough. Trump has repeatedly hammered China for exporting more to the US than it buys.

Above all issues, trade has been the main bone of contention between Trump and China.

The Republican president tweeted last week that the United States could no longer tolerate massive trade deficits and job losses and that his meeting with Xi "will be a very hard one".

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has reported that global crude steelmaking capacity more than doubled from 2000 to 2014, with global capacity growth led by an unprecedented expansion of production in China, the Office of the United States Trade Representative notes.

Russian Federation has warned that the US missile strikes could have serious consequences for the region. Putin, a staunch ally of Assad, regarded the USA action as "aggression against a sovereign nation" on a "made-up pretext", spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Tillerson said President Trump's trip to China would be a "state visit" in 2017, but gave no other details.

According to Spicer, Xi and Trump "reaffirmed their commitment to a denuclearized Korean peninsula, and committed to fully implement UN Security Council resolutions".