Tillerson: Russia 'failure allowed Syria chemical attack'

Iranian General Mohammad Bagheri seen in 2016 and Russian General Valery Gerasimov

The missile strike shows that the "the most unpredictable" country, and Russian Federation "will ask questions" of Tillerson when he visits Moscow, Zakharova told state television.

Lawmakers from both the Democratic and Republican parties were supportive of Trump's decision to attack the Syrian air base, but some Republican senators said they were concerned about the lack of policy clarity and Tillerson's strategy of leaving Assad's fate unresolved while concentrating on Islamic State.

"We suspected there was a significant probability there could be other chemical weapons which would be ready to go, weaponized in those facilities, and so we didn't strike those", Thomas told reporters.

President Donald Trump's military attack on the Assad regime was, in itself, a stark reversal from his earlier position to work with Russia, Syria's key ally, to negotiate a solution to the country's civil war.

The warplanes carrying out Saturday's alleged raid are believed to have flown from al-Shayrat, the airbase targeted Thursday by the a punitive barrage of 59 Cruise missiles strike, the greatest show of America firepower in more than a decade.

The Syrian regime denies that it carried out the nerve agent gas attack in Idlib.

Earlier on Sunday North Korea vowed to boost its defenses following the USA strikes in Syria.

The Trump administration has not yet defined a clear policy and Rome fears Washington may fall into step with Egypt and Russian Federation, which both support general Khalifa Haftar, a powerful figure in eastern Libya.

Syrian army forces had been losing ground across the country until Russian Federation intervened militarily in September 2015, propping up Assad and protecting its own interests in the region. The editor-in-chief of Syria's pro-regime Al-Watan told AFP it was "likely the Turks who carried out the chemical attack because the rapprochement between Syria and U.S. is unacceptable for them".

Tillerson added that he does not expect the Russians to retaliate for what he characterized as a targeted and proportional USA attack on Syrian targets.

McMaster continued, insinuating that he believed Russian Federation had to be knowledgeable of Syria's plan to launch a chemical attack.

He required the United States to cease what he called the aggression.

A political solution to the war in Syria is not possible with President Bashar al-Assad in power, the United States ambassador to the UN has said in an apparent hardening of the Trump administration's position.

Trump acts decisively in Syria: Now what?

"I discussed these plans in detail with Secretary Tillerson".