No political solution in Syria with Assad in power: U.S. envoy


Haley said the USA was prepared to take further action in Syria but hoped it wouldn't be necessary.

On the chemical weapons attack on a Syrian town, Haley said Russian Federation blamed it on a container of chemical weapons that ISIS had.

Everything was going OK until Van Susteren asked Haley about Trump's foreign policy priorities: "We have not heard a lot about Russian Federation", she said. "It is time for all civilised nations to stop the horrors that are taking place in Syria and demand a political solution".

"In this case, within the fluidity of this administration, she has been a refreshing tough voice", Burns said. So what we're trying to do is obviously defeat ISIS. "And clearly, Assad is not that person", she added.

Boris Johnson decided not go to Russian Federation amid growing pressure on President Vladimir Putin to cut his ties with Syria's Bashar al Assad in the wake of a suspected chemical attack that killed at least 87 people, including children. To the contrary, as diplomats at the United Nations saw it, she managed to elbow herself into a leading, outspoken role in the Trump administration.

Haley did not say the United States had changed its policy. And I think it was needed.

"And this is something to let Russian Federation know, 'You know what?"

"If you say what they want to hear, they like it", she said.

Mindful of the risk of escalation, I appeal for restraint to avoid any acts that could deepen the suffering of the Syrian people. "I don't draw conclusions of complicity at all, but clearly they've been incompetent and perhaps they've just simply been out-maneuvered by the Syrians". But following the US missile strike on Syria, the gloves have come off in Moscow, as hopes for friendlier relations fizzle. It's because if they do something wrong we are going to call them out on it.

Thursday's strike was the first direct military action taken by the United States against the Assad regime.

"One immediate impact is that it has dashed hopes that relations between Russian Federation, a supporter of the [Syrian] regime, and the US will normalize", said William Jackson, senior emerging markets economist at Capital Economics. They said the USA actions against a sovereign state violatied worldwide law and called for an objective, unbiased investigation of all the circumstances of the chemical weapons incident, the statement said. "His repeated use of chemical weapons and his crimes against his own population had to be sanctioned".

Earlier, Safaronkov had described the US attack as "a flagrant violation of global law and an act of aggression".

"Why were they that defensive that quick?" asked Haley. Moscow has come under fired from the worldwide community for the high number of civilian casualties during its airstrikes. "The first priority for them was to cover for Assad".

After seeing images of the horrific aftermath of the chemical attack, Trump ordered a bombardment of the Shayrat airbase in western Syria, which the USA believes was the launchpad for the strike.

After the United States fired 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airbase killing several people, USA envoy to the UN Nikki Haley has defended the action while sharply criticising Russian Federation for allowing Syria's leader to stockpile chemical weapons.

Haley declined to speculate on what the president was thinking at that point. "And you don't know, it's hard to know based on the vetting process".