Trump boosts coal as China takes the lead on climate change


Beijing appears to be focused more on atmospherics and slogans at the summit.

In a Twitter remark last week, Trump said that his meeting at Mar-a-Lago with the Chinese leader would be "a very hard one in that we can no longer have massive trade deficits and job losses".

Late last month, in a warm-up to this week's meeting, Trump Tweet-lashed China for doing "little to help" rein in Pyongyang and he has since warned the U.S. is prepared to go it alone in bringing the North to heel.

The meeting between Xi and Trump came after North Korea fired a ballistic missile off the coast of the Korean Peninsula.

Xi and his wife were greeted by the president and first lady Melania Trump at the Mar-a-Lago estate before making their way to dinner.

Trump believes Beijing has kept its currency - the yuan - artificially low as part of a trade policy that has destroyed American jobs and created an enormous gap between what the US imports and exports from China. Xi may offer to take some limited action against North Korea, said Doug Paal, vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington.

Texas is the largest importer from and exporter to Mexico among USA states., With over $7.1 billion in exports and $6.4 billion in imports in February, the state ran a surplus with Mexico exceeding $692 million. Trump discussed the issue Wednesday with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Around that same time, Trump was publicly questioning the wisdom of the One China policy - which forbids America from acknowledging the legitimacy of the Taiwanese government, in deference to Beijing. Susan Thornton, the top US diplomat for East Asia, on Wednesday called North Korea "an urgent and global threat".

USA military action against North Korea now appears to be a reality as Washington continues massive war drills with Seoul.

Trump's immediate predecessor, Barack Obama, used the Sunnylands retreat in Rancho Mirage, California, as a site for an informal summit with Xi in 2013. The devastation could be dramatic.

Patrick Cronin, a China expert with the Center for a New American Security, said the Trump administration does not have "a reconciled trade and economic policy yet, and the differing views on China in the White House underscore that".

At the same time, China is among the top three export markets for 33 American states and Chinese investments have boosted some US industries.

Trump said that "nobody really knows" how those meetings will turn out, though he chose to throw out a slam against China like those he issued throughout the 2016 election.

The White House on Wednesday said that North Korea is now a "strategic liability for China" and could affect the stability in the region. The move was an embarrassment for China, North Korea's closest ally and one of the nation's few defenders. Beijing has suspended imports of North Korean coal through the end of the year, cutting off a key source of revenue for Pyongyang. It's another step in Xi Jinping's bid to transform China into an economy driven by consumption and innovation and away from traditional smokestack industries.

"China has in fact been doing the US a favor by not letting the [yuan] depreciate as much and as fast against the dollar as the markets seem to want".

The U.S. president said Thursday he is not sure how the summit might play out, telling Fox News, "Well, it's going to be intersting".

President Trump's supporters would be facing a lawsuit, as three protesters move ahead to file the cases against them for an alleged attack during a Kentucky rally past year.

A gap has already emerged between Trump's rhetoric on China and his administration's actions.

Last year, South Korea chose to host the THAAD on its soil despite China's fierce opposition. Not all of the trademarks that Trump won control over are necessarily ones he'll want to use himself-for example, a trademark for an escort service-but, instead, are "defensive trademarks" meant to protect his brand from being misused in China.

She emphasized Tillerson's message that "the time for talk is over", a sentiment the secretary conveyed in his visit to Northeast Asia last month which also brought him to Seoul and Tokyo. The Chinese have never gone far enough, as a result, to have "a meaningful impact on the situation", he said.