Renowned Indian classical singer Kishori Amonkar dies at 86

The Indian vocalist Kishori Amonkar and tabla player Zakir Hussain posing at an awards ceremony in Mumbai India in February 2016. Amonkar died

She took liberties and bent it.

N. K. Singh said he was deeply saddened and distressed at the sudden passing away of the legendary Kishori Amonkar.

"She had dinner at around 9pm and went to sleep", said Gandhar Bedekar, a family friend, and the son of Nandini Bedekar, a senior disciple of Kishori Amonkar. "But right after the incident, she called me and apologised and we were smiling again". This approach is similar to that of Amir Khan's (1912-1974), and begins to emerge in Amonkar's gayaki in the late 1970s, as in the recording below. She told Purandare back in 1988, "When I sing, I want everything to be attractive - my notes, my rhythm and myself too". In her career spanning seven decades, she was revered as "Gaan-Saraswati".

Which was one reason why she came across as unpredictable and eccentric. After the performance she was felicitated on stage. She was with her music, on her journey, travelling inwards. "Her demise spells a huge loss for the world of music", said Lata Mangeshkar.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday condoled the death of Indian Classical singer Kishori Amonkar. According to Amonkar, that two-year break from singing helped her find her own voice - and her own approach into the tradition.

Amonkar passed away in Mumbai last night after a brief illness. In fact, she had invited me to compere the first function that she had organised to celebrate the first anniversary of Mogubai (her mother and teacher).

A Kishori Amonkar performance of any raga is without exception neatly arranged into well-thought out sections.

Kailash Kher: One of the greatest singer performer of classical has left this world for her heavenly abode.

Kishori Amonkar also sang in a few films, including the legendary V Shantaram's "Geet Gaya Pattharon Ne" - a launch pad for his daughter Rajshree and Jitendra in 1964.

She aimed to infuse the emotional appeal of the more popular styles into the comparatively rigid classical tradition. "Everything comes into focus in this one, concentrated little piece". Her son Nihal lit the funeral pyre amid cries of "Kishori Amonkar Amar Rahe". In her renditions, she was tentative, exploratory, supplicatory and incandescent. She had seen all this and yet chose to be in the same profession.

While making the film, I also got to know the humane side of the great legend. And it had brought tears to his eyes.

"Her music is immortal and will continue to influence generations", said music compose Salim Merchant.