Rally in Memphis for equality on anniversary of MLK's death

Rally in Memphis for equality on anniversary of MLK's death

They must not go to war. At the time, he'd been visiting Memphis to support and attend a march in solidarity with the city's striking sanitation workers. America's soul, he said, was poisoned by hate.

KING JR.: The war in Vietnam is but a symptom of a far deeper malady within the American spirit.

It was 50 years ago Tuesday that Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "Beyond Vietnam" speech, criticizing the US government for its involvement in the conflict.

"I didn't seem him until he was approaching the flatbed truck where he kind of made the announcement", said Abie Robinson as he stood at the same spot he occupied on that springtime night nearly five decades ago and pointed to a small mound east of the Indy Parks King Center. A Los Angeles Times article on Monday revealed that instead of changing their practices into a compassionate community policing strategy, some law enforcement officers are deciding simply to turn their heads when they view crimes involving African Americans. While the crowd was left shocked, many say his words calmed this city.

King was assassinated in Memphis exactly one year after his Vietnam speech. King was also aware that he risked losing many of his base supporters in the liberal and black communities as he moved from his activities as a civil rights leader to advocating for a stop to war. His popularity plummeted - as it probably would today if more people pondered the MLK of 1967 and 1968.

Dr. Harding was writing on the speech's 15th anniversary - yet his instructions for how we should reread the speech are even more searing today on its 50th.

The truths he spoke are hard to face. Pray for President Trump, America and the World. And the question, Amy and Juan, for the country today is: Where are we on these same issues? On its 50th birthday it joins the ranks of timeless words for which people have been killed, speeches that we repeat over and over desperate to remember their truth and challenge: the Sermon on the Mount, the Gettysburg address, the Ballot or the Bullet.

Karcher said the goal is to finish the fix work by April 2018 in time for the 50th anniversary of King's death.

A true revolution of values will soon look uneasily on the glaring contrast of poverty and wealth.

"He showed that he was not just out here for black people, but he was here for the world", said Marian Kramer, activist. Well, as a powerful coming together, you know, Dr. King saw-that's one of the reasons that people feared him, because he was bringing together the antiwar movement, the concerns about poverty and the civil rights movement.

Within this context, it seems clear that the clarion call of "Beyond Vietnam" - it's sharp, prophetic tone many historians believe signaled a downward turn in King's popularity - is still too grating for our own ears. But the similarities quickly fade, for reasons including the two men's races and very different occupations - King being a preacher and prophet, and Sanders a politician.

The Rev. William Barber speaks at a rally honoring the legacy of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King. Like King, Barber is a minister and, like King, he has mastered the voice of morality and inspiration. "Under so much attack to disrupt him and discredit him", said Jackson.

Among the Americans who did not misunderstand Bellah was Martin Luther King, Jr., 50 years ago.

But King's other dream is as controversial now as it was back then.