Trump targets individual Freedom Caucus members in Obamacare tweetstorm


"Most people don't take well to being bullied", Mr Amash told reporters.

Mr Trump's anger at the Freedom Caucus runs the risk of alienating the conservative base that fuelled his rise during last year's Republican primaries and has so far remained loyal to the president.

"What I worry about, Norah, is if we don't do this, he'll just go work with Democrats to try and change Obamacare", Ryan said to Norah O'Donnell on "CBS This Morning". Conservatives don't have anything to gripe about yet since the bill is being written in secret, but they may resent getting it rammed past them in the scramble to avert a shutdown. A tweet Saturday, April 1, 2017, by White House social media director Dan Scavino Jr., comes two days after Trump threatened conservative lawmakers who thwarted a House vote on health care legislation.

Later Thursday, the President called out individual Freedom Caucus members in several tweets. Breitbart featured a story on its homepage that included comments from Rep. Dave Brat, an HFC member who questioned who had Trump's "ear".

Ryan also said he anxious that the defiant Republicans would push Trump "into working with Democrats" on health care, a result that he believed would not lead to a bill adherent to conservative principles.

Now it appears the president is preparing for all-out war against the intransigent congressmen - and it's a fight they seem willing to join.

More than healthcare legislation was at stake. Mr. Trump would ask at his campaign rallies.

Passing a budget for next year could also prove challenging. Moderate Republicans are aghast at proposals to cut popular programs that fund environmental cleanup and meals for senior citizens.

To govern, House Republicans must be strategic, seizing every possible victory as one more step toward our objective, instead of expecting to accomplish every goal with one swift move. Whatever Trump says and does is brilliant, you can be sure.

Trump feels he no longer needs conservatives now, but he is wrong, unless he is committed to being a one-term president.

"Add all this up". That may be why Trump's approval numbers are stuck at about 40 percent, which even some Republicans believe represents the rough percentage of his core supporters. "The Freedom Caucus didn't care".

Trump had pushed for House Speaker Paul Ryan's bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act last week, but the bill was ultimately pulled before a vote as Ryan conceded he didn't have enough support to pass the measure.

The issue with that is that neither the GOP or Democrats will have the appetite to make any small fixes that the law might need before then, Mahaffee said. There was never a meeting scheduled with the Freedom Caucus. "They were all Trumped up there for a while, but now they're laying pretty low".

The X factor is the Trump White House, which aides and lawmakers say hasn't sent clear signals about how hard it wants to push for items to place in the win column.

Most of the initial 20 interviews the committee will conduct are with "the people who helped put together the January report", vice-chairman Mark Warner said, referring to a report the intelligence community put out stating that Russian Federation interfered in the presidential election with the goal of trying to improve Mr Trump's chances of winning. He vowed to "fight them" in 2018 if they don't get behind him. "We all came to D.C. running to repeal Obamacare", Brat said.

Mr Ryan said he was encouraging Republican politicians "to keep talking to one another".

Speaker Ryan himself came under criticism from a fellow Republican, Senator Bob Corker, who chided the speaker for his views about courting Democrats on healthcare reform.

"NOT WHAT WE VOTED FOR", he said on Twitter.