Reasons Why is now streaming on Netflix

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"It remains to be seen whether 13 Reasons Why will be able to garner the popularity of other teen dramas like My So-Called Life or Skins, but it certainly sets out to be the next exceptional drama that just so happens to be geared toward teens - and, for the most part, it succeeds". It's also a series rife with flaws; most notably and frustratingly, it is way too long.

And the melodrama of high school life can feel tedious at points, which is something you might not want to experience again, depending on where you stood (or stand) in your high school pecking order.

Thirteen Reasons Why (13 episodes) available for streaming Friday on Netflix. Watching these two young actors together is pure pleasure. "Even its flaws help to mimic the show's ultimate goal: to paint a gorgeous, and awful tapestry of what it means to live on this planet - and what it means for those that stay behind when we leave it". Who, or what, killed Hannah Baker?

Warning: spoilers from Episode 13 ahead! .

Selena hopes viewers take away a powerful message from the programme and that she reaches out to those struggling in their own skin.

But unlike the other dead girls strewn across serialized TV mystery, Hannah speaks. Sels headed to the premiere of 13 Reasons Why in LA on March 30 and she looked like a little baby clementine - we loved it. Her voice is what drives the whole series, and she's as infuriating and present and withholding and manipulative as any good first-person narrator - she delays, she obfuscates, she smirks wryly at your inability to understand. The story centers around a high school student named Clay Jensen. "It's a lot easier to balance things that way".

No stranger to the big and small screens, Minnette has played roles in Goosebumps, Scandal and more.

I think so. So many of those things I just listed involve Hannah and her story. Will Clay be one of them? But who knows, by the story's end, maybe it's Hannah who's the tormentor, and they're, in fact, the victims? Each time Clay pops one of Hannah's cassettes into his preciously retro Walkman, the answer becomes more clear: These poor kids are talked to death.

Hannah and Clay are the main characters, but you spend a lot time on the supporting players. No wonder she takes it very seriously.

It's not quite the teen Twin Peaks it could be in more left-field hands, but it's a well-written and acted focus on a world where young people find their actions - and emotions - shared on social media and Instagrammed before they really know what the consequences will be. Even though some of them are real shits.