McConnell Throws Cold Water On Idea Of Reviving Obamacare Repeal Effort


The math is the same.

Much of this calculation rests on what strategy is more likely to force at least 8 Democrats to work with Republicans in what the GOP calls "Phase 3" of their broader plan, namely to pass future health-insurance-reforming legislation that can not be included in reconciliation and therefore will need 60 votes to overcome an inevitable Democratic filibuster.

"We're going to get a yes". "I think there's a way out of this, though". On Tuesday, he suggested Republicans weren't giving up.

Say the word "bipartisan" and hopeful hearts go aflutter.

House Speaker Paul Ryan unveiled the bill in February to repeal and replace the Obama-era health care law, and although Trump said he supported it, he did not aggressively sell it until the final few days before the vote was scheduled.

"[It is] a timetable which we consider unrealistic (we think year-end is more doable) particularly with ongoing divisions within the Administration", the firm wrote.

Trump has been increasingly critical of the conservative House Freedom Caucus and has said he's ready to work with Democrats.

Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander said he is open to holding a hearing on legislative suggestions to fix the 2010 health care law from Republicans or Democrats.

"All last week he was calling them. Now they're calling him", the official said.

"The American Health Care Act was a public health disaster and its defeat is a victory for all Americans", said Gerald Kominski, director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research and co-author of the policy brief.

'I mean, have we had some discussions and listened to ideas? "Yes", Spicer told reporters in the briefing room. "Are we actively planning an immediate strategy? Not at this time". Some senators were mildly optimistic at House leaders' announcement that they were renewing work on the bill, while others signaled that they would be focusing on other agenda items, including a tax overhaul.

Additionally, Scalise said Democrats are prematurely celebrating the bill's demise, and Obamacare is as close as ever to getting repealed.

Ryan vowed members would continue working although he didn't offer any specific timeline.

That's why Hannity's claim that Trump did "everything in his power" to get the bill passed is an accidental admission against interest.

Still, among those Democrats the White House called up was US Representative Stephen Lynch, of MA.

"It was abundantly clear that we didn't have air cover when it came to calls coming into lawmakers", Priebus said.

McConnell complemented Trump's and Ryan's efforts and then concluded his remarks on the debacle with four words: "Sorry that didn't work".

The proposed health care act also hit older California couples hard: A 60-year-old couple with no dependents earning $20,000 a year would have lost more than $16,000 in benefits, a 67 percent drop. Is this what they voted for all these years? To live up to his campaign rhetoric, he'd have to battle the economic conservatives who dominate the Republican Party. "I have no doubt that that's going to happen very quickly".

"I think we have plenty of time".

"There was a unified message that we need to find a solution because a lot of Americans can't be hurt unless we repeal the law", Rep. Austin Scott, R-Ga. said. Other Senate Democrats have said they are willing to work with Republicans on the issue, but with conditions. Paul Ryan was absolutely giddy about being able to deny health care 24 million people. And they were likelier to say their own families and average Americans would have been better off, not worse, under the legislation. You're doing a good job.

Republicans hold a 52-48 advantage over the Democratic caucus in the Senate. "If you don't have the votes, you don't have the votes".

Since his plan to finance a tax cut for the rich by throwing millions off Medicaid died without a vote, President Trump has repeatedly assured the American people that their health-care system will collapse under his watch.

Such a move would be "tragic", said Sen.