Apple Inc. No Longer Accepting Apps With Pricing Info In Title


Apple rejected the app three times, calling it "excessively objectionable or crude content".

By choosing to download free apps only when they've been featured by Play Store curators themselves, at least you can be sure that they're the best of their kind out there.

The new section would grant greater visibility to otherwise unknown developers or pump up the interest for big industry names with either popular or relatively obscure applications being offered for free. For right now, Google is considering it a pilot program that will run for four weeks.

Hello, iOS app developers, your long wait and insistent begging have finally come to an end. The feature to reply back to consumer reviews has been available in the Google Play Store since 2013 and Apple just now made a decision to play catch up. In addition, they get a handful of features Apple's native calendar app doesn't have, like the ability to more easily find time and space for a meeting with other people inside their organizations.

The market for Android apps is growing thanks in large part to mobile adoption in China as well as other emerging markets, particularly Mexico, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Positive ratings and reviews can encourage customers to download or purchase your app. Android downloads from both Google Play and elsewhere will at an annualized rate of 23 percent to 299.9 billion by 2012. App Annie projects the iOS App Store to generate more than $60 billion in gross consumer spend in 2021, maintaining its top position in app store revenue.

Shahid pointed out that 3D Touch has been integrated throughout the app, so hard pressing on certain features of the app would lead to more options.

For the past 15 years, journalists on the ground in Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia have worked hard to uncover the contours of US drone attacks - in some cases at their own peril.

Levitas from App Annie said she doesn't believe the increasing Android app store sales will do much to sway which operating system the developers build apps on first.

With higher revenue numbers, Android could attract even more developer support, potentially leading to higher quality apps and more innovation on the platform.