Sasha's fate is revealed in this week's The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon

And that was a pivot to good womansplaining, as Sasha effectively turned the tables when she convinced Eugene she needed a lethal weapon to take her own life. He wants nothing to do with the Safe-Zone and would love for nothing more than to see Maggie leave the Hilltop (or die). The episode started out with Sasha almost being sexually assaulted by one of Negan's members, David, but Negan himself puts a stop to it when he stuck a knife in his neck and then gave Sasha a choice: join my group or die.

Fans have also been keen to share their excitement for the final, with one posting: "The Walking Dead finale is going to be insane next week, oh my". To say that The Walking Dead does not fall into this category would be an understatement, because good Lord was this a boring episode. She gets a visit from Savior David and she asks for water.

That's what's happening with The Walking Dead's villains this week. However, it's all but confirmed that Sasha will kick the bucket next week. Let us know your thoughts and theories by commenting below.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC. When Sherry made her escape from the group, secretly leaving him a note, part of us wondered if he'd simply kill himself to escape the grief his choices have brought him. Unsurprisingly, Rick was skeptical, punching Dwight in the face in typical Rick fashion. Keep in mind, the Saviors think Maggie is dead, and they're still on the hunt for Daryl. Although, in the past, Eric has been against fighting Negan because of his fear of losing Aaron, so it seems unlikely he would rat out to Negan Rick's plan. While she and the others train and make weapons to trade with the Kingdom, Gregory is held up in the main house drinking every last drop of liquor he can find. Maggie takes out the undead with a gardening trowel, and is very kind to Gregory as he pukes all over his shoes; more kind than the Hilltop residents who have a quick laugh at his expense.

Worst sound editing: While a few buoy bells gently rolling in the distance makes sense to hear near Oceanside, the repeated ding, ding, ding, ding, ding in rapid succession was a little too "stock harbor sounds" for the zombie apocalypse.

Basically, Walking Dead hasn't committed to a sexual violence story for more than a scene or two since Season 3; rape is either something that is narrowly avoided by leads or happens to minor characters offscreen. While "The Other Side" promised conflict, "Something They Need" let it go to waste. When the episode begins, Tara tells Rick she feels bad about breaking her promise, and always will.

US Correspondent Ron Hogan thinks that Rick has learned lessons from Negan a little too well. That, coupled with the performance of Jeffery Dean Morgan, really makes Negan a bad guy you can root for. Every single one of the vermin who follow him have been irredeemable (Dwight pending) due to their thug mentality or mindless killing. The recurring theme of this season has become the overall big picture, which is a world without the Saviors.

Episode 15 saw Maggie Save Gregory's life after walkers attacked, but, then, when Gregory had returned to Hilltop, he announced he was taking a trip - and one that would require an overnight bag. On the other hand, Maggie needs Gregory at least as a figurehead because she can not present herself as leader of The Hilltop to the Saviors, who think she is dead. We're supposed to be excited about Rick's decision to fight back against Negan; it's him getting his mojo back, so to speak. Yeah, Rachel was obnoxious the first time we met her, but the question isn't unreasonable, so the moment reads as just plain mean. They do defend the group from the walkers that they themselves attracted with their very explosive antics. Sure, our heroes helped kill them, but they can't have been the only zombies within hearing distance of all those explosions.