Meals on Wheels holds steady for now


The Trump budget calls for a 17.9 percent cut in funding for this program's parent agency, the Department of Health and Human Services, and it is quite possible Meals on Wheels could be affected.

"We've actually had instances where a volunteer has found somebody who is in a pretty dire situation when they deliver their meal, and that happens all too frequently", she says.

Under President Trump's proposed budget plan, funding to programs and initiatives would be dramatically cut and funding for Meals on Wheels would end all together.

Mulvaney further explained that over the course of four decades, approximately $150 billion in federal grant money has been spent on the community development block program, which - in his words -has "just not been showing any results".

To fund the program, federal money comes to the state, which adds some money, then is relayed to the counties.

"And the largest program expense we have is buying and preparing the food that we deliver to our 1,300 participants every day", he said.

There's been a lot of teeth gnashing over President Donald Trump's recently released "skinny budget", and especially over its proposed domestic spending cuts.

"I have mixed feelings about that", Summey said of the proposed federal budget cuts.

"Some of the stories are just either grossly wrong or almost grossly wrong, all the stories about how we cut Meals on Wheels", Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, said on NBC's Meet the PressSunday. She said the Meals on Wheels provides meals for an estimated 150 seniors in her community.

If you'd like to help Meals On Wheels with either a monetary donation or as a volunteer, just head to the Seen on 6 section of our website. Together, they deliver hot meals to 2.4 million seniors each year.

Cancino was quick to say that the budget is merely a proposal.

To raise awareness, Meals on Wheels Amherstburg has kicked off its March for Meals campaign.

"This is the most backward time to be cutting Meals on Wheels", he said.

The block grants on the president's chopping block account for about 3 percent of Meals on Wheels budget.

"We will do everything we can to preserve the meals for the people now on the program", said McGuire.

Cancino pointed out that rising cost of living, and a growing population of seniors, make such services more important than ever.

Bauer says he hopes the Trump Administration and members of Congress will do the right thing.

Last year, volunteers saved seven lives, Almeida says.

We serve five days a week.