Remembering Music Icon Chuck Berry 10:37


Time Magazine's All-TIME 100 songs - the most extraordinary English language popular recordings, included Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode". He was known for his duck walk, where he played the guitar while stomping up the stage with a bounce in his step. He will be missed but remembered by everyone who ever loved rock "n" roll.

"Chuck Berry rolled over everyone who came before him - and turned up everyone who came after".

Chuck Berry had penned several hits all throughout his entire career that spanned seven decades.

Berry's bold music style also helped shape the rock "n" roll attitude.

Chuck Berry, who, along with Elvis Presley was considered Rock and Roll's most exciting and illustrious pioneers, passed away on March 18 at his home in St Charles, Missouri.

Last fall, in conjunction with his 90th birthday, Berry announced the release of his first new album in almost 40 years. Chuck Berry showed us the way. According to Rolling Stone, Berry wrote of riding a bus to the Springfield prison, referring to it as "somewhere near the Ozarks of Misery" and stating "I was 35 years old, really set back, feeling more black but still intact". "No color, no ethnic, no political - I don't want that, never did".

I am so sad to hear of Chuck Berry's passing. His biographer told the Times that the settlement for that lawsuit cost Berry over a million dollars.

He was the first person inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and is a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Chuck Berry's death came just weeks before the debut single off his first new studio album in almost four decades was scheduled to go on sale, a friend of the rock "n" roll legend said. "Now I can hang up my shoes", Berry wrote in a statement about the news, which coincided with his 90th birthday.

Berry's rock'n'roll was a guitar-driven music, a groove dancing at the apex of drive and swing, speeding up the traintrack rhythms of boogie-woogie and adding a tinge of country picking.