Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Feature May Be Used To Verify Payments

Is Samsung's foldable phone almost here?

Earlier this month, the image of Galaxy S8 became available thanks to Evan Blass, professional leaker who is responsible for a good chunk of the mobile phone leaks. As you can see below, the first pictures the backside of the device, but without details like camera, or fingerprint sensor. And it'll be going up against the new iPhone due later in 2017 - the 10th anniversary of the iconic device. The publication adds that the Galaxy S8 will have not one but three different methods for authentication: fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, and facial recognition.

Samsung is hoping to differentiate the Galaxy S8 from the iPhone by adding another layer of security to portable payments, Bloomberg notes. We have been treated to a large number of leaks and video renders of the phone nearly every single day in the recent past.

One of the S8's most notable rumoured features is Bixby, a new multilingual AI assistant said to be capable of recognising text and real-world objects through the Galaxy S8's camera and tracking them down online, allowing users to make quick purchases. While phones rely on iris detection in challenging situations like low light conditions, unlocking the phones with facial recognition is faster along with more accuracy. Galaxy S8 could even beat Sony's Xperia XZ Premium, though taking into consideration the former does not have an exact number of frames per second.

Samsung devices may have used facial recognition features for unlocking device before, but this new adaptation will extend the technology to support secure financial transactions.

The latest rumours seem to suggest the Galaxy X will miss the Galaxy S8's March reveal, and will instead arrive later in the year at Berlin's IFA tech show.

It has to be noted that Samsung is hosting a press briefing in Gurugram near New Delhi on March 22.

Speaking of which, although nearly everything regarding the upcoming Galaxy S8 has been leaked already, pricing was still a mystery.

It's also the slimmest chip the company has ever made and is far more efficient than many processors now available on the market. Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.