Family Link will let parents make a Google account for their kids

Google is Bringing Parental Controls to Android

You should also know that the device your child is using needs to have Android 7.0 Nougat or higher installed onto it.

The new Family Link service will allow them to keep doing that, but with some limits set by parents, echoing advice some tech experts have been recommending for years: active parental engagement. You can invite up to four family members to join your group. There is also a remote lock feature that you can use as well, which you might use if your child has already been on the Android device for a long period of time for that day. As a parent you will have to create a Google account for your kid that can be used to sign-in to the kid's device.

By using the app of their devices, fathers and mothers can set a series of ground rules for their children. Your kid is stubborn just like you? Once downloaded, a Google account should be created through the app, and kids can sign into their devices using the newly created credentials.

The solution is to have a responsible adult controlling their usage, and that's exactly what Family Link allows. Considering the wide exposure of internet among children and also the ease of using a smartphone or tablet, children way below the age of 13 uses the internet and all that it offers. Google is calling the.service Family Link, and although you now need an using it, there appears to be plenty of tools to ensure that young-ones stays as safe as possible when using their Android-powered devices. Parents will be able to block their kids from using and downloading certain apps, and will gain access to monthly or weekly reports on which apps their children are using the most.

One of the main features of Family Link is that children may not install apps on the device on their own.

Unfortunately, Canadian families will have to wait to try the app (much to the relief of rebellious teens across the country). Potential users will want to head to Google's Family Link page to request an invite with their main Google account. Once it activates, your child won't be able to see notifications or access their phone for any reason other than making or receiving calls (in the event of an emergency).

When locked, your child's phone will display a purple screen with a lock a symbol and the time that it will unlock. Plus, a parent couldn't control the settings on the target device from their own device. They can lock the phone's screen when the child is supposed to go to bed or has a class to attend.

See the Google Family Link site and FAQ hub for more details.

The presence of the standalone application could also be very helpful to parents.