White House budget proposal cuts domestic spending, boosts military

Preview: President Trump's Budget

"We can and must do better", McCain said in the statement Monday. Trump has been outspoken in criticizing the Environmental Protection Agency, and his EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, denied the scientific link between carbon dioxide emissions and global warming.

Combined with defense dollars outside the Pentagon, the budget would provide $668 billion total for defense for fiscal 2018.

President Trump's budget reflects the realization of many promises that he made to voters in the campaign, seeking to add $54 billion to the Pentagon's budget to be offset by cuts elsewhere, beginning with US foreign aid.

The budget cuts - up to 28 percent in the case of the State Department - will shrink the role of government and improve efficiencies, said Mulvaney.

Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass, sitting on the show's panel, said he believes the planned cuts for the State Department are "bad for national security". The plan seeks significant military increases, offset by cuts elsewhere, especially at the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

This, of course, is in line with Donald Trump's campaign pledge.

Donald Trump's $1.15 trillion government spending plan slashes programs that help those in need while redirecting billions to waging a war on undocumented immigrants, in what Truthdig Editor-in-Chief Robert Scheer describes in an email to staff as "the uprooting of a people on a scale never before witnessed in this nation's history".

Mr Trump repeatedly claimed during the election campaign that Mexico would pay for the wall.

This is particularly important because the United States, as is widely known, is not only by far the world's largest military spender, but, as is less widely known, is also the world's largest foreign aid donor.

The move was also hammered by Republicans like Senators Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio, key members of the defense and foreign relations committees respectively.

Brooks added: "My fear is that the Trump budget will not be austere enough to minimize America's risk of suffering the kind of debilitating insolvency and bankruptcy that is destroying the lives of Venezuelans right now". That would mean reducing some of the harsh cuts to domestic spending, some of which even Republican lawmakers have already said they oppose. The reason for this, he added, is simple. Looking ahead, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says the government is on track for accumulated deficits of more than $9 trillion over the coming decade. But as Trump stated, this will be a military and "public safety budget" since they will see substantial funding increases.

The release of Trump's budget, which comes as the Republican president is facing an intraparty revolt over proposed legislation to replace the Obamacare healthcare law, could open another fight among Republicans who control both houses of Congress.

"We're going to work on the CAFE standards so you can make cars in America again", he said at the American Center for Mobility, using the acronym for Corporate Average Fuel Economy.

Could the United States be in line for a reduced role in the UN? Funding to multilateral development banks, including the World Bank, would be cut by approximately $650 million over three years.

Cuts to other departments would also end foreign assistance programmes.

We're sending a message to Congress, and the message is very, very clear. The cost and length are still a big question mark, according to the administration, in part due to questions about the construction material. "We won't just appropriate money and have the plan TBD. And a lot of those are in HUD", he said.

The agency passes out more than 80 percent of its money to more than 300,000 researchers at universities across the country and overseas.