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The last national champion to even get back to the Final Four, let alone repeat as tourney winners, was Florida in 2007. The last three winners were ideal starting in the Elite Eight. If you're like me then you're always on the go.

No. 12 Princeton will play No. 5 Notre Dame in Buffalo. Leading scorer Kelan Martin comes off the Bulldog bench; only two starters average over 10 points a game. However, the head start on tournament play seems to have helped more than it's harmed the best-prepared teams. At 30-4, this team probably deserved to be closer to a #1 seed than the #10, but that's how the bracket turned out. Those days were before the Internet when a person could see scores much quicker on their computers or nowadays smart phones. Historically, 77 percent of the No. 1 teams move on to the Elite 8. Our database goes back to 2004, the trends include all games in that time frame unless otherwise mentioned. Since 2004, 4 seeds favored by less than 10 points have gone 20-14 ATS vs. 13 seeds. In addition, 11th-seeded Wake Forest was knocked out by Kansas State on Tuesday and another 11th seed will be knocked out on Wednesday when USC plays Providence. Yet not everyone has bought in. The 2017 edition of the tournament is one of the most hard to call due to the high level of competitiveness this year.

-No. 7 MI vs. A lot of people think Florida State could lose to Florida Gulf Coast in the 3-14 upset this season. The Wildcats just won back-to-back games in the Pac 12 tourney over OR and UCLA, who both earned No. 3 seeds. Almost every bracket challenge you'll find in offices across the country ignores the games altogether.

Middle Tennessee is easily the more top heavy team, relying mostly on 3 players in Williams, Potts, and Upshaw to carry the team, while Minnesota gets key contributions going 7 or 8 deep. They should have gotten that No. 1 seed. Some of the millions of people who fill out brackets this month will go insane with the upsets, while others stick to the "chalk" formula, nearly exclusively picking lower seeds.

The top seeds in each region were Villanova in the east, Kansas in the midwest, Gonzaga in the west and North Carolina in the south. Duke's spot as number two in the east could set this bracket up for a Duke-North Carolina final. A year ago didn't see any of those schools make it to Houston with the last Western team in the Final Four being UCLA in 2007 while the last national champion from that side of the country was Arizona in 1997.

If you're playing in your office pool or the Bracket Mayhem on WFMY News 2's Facebook page here are some tips from the Associated Press-GOOD LUCK!

For example, No. 1 seeds have beaten No. 2 seeds 53.2 percent of the time, and teams with dog mascots have beaten teams with cat mascots 57.6 percent of the time.

Mitchell was also selected to the ACC all-defensive team, solidifying Louisville's sixth-best defense (90.4 adjusted points allowed per 100 possessions) this season. Because March Madness is here!