'The Bachelor' finale recap: Nick Viall chooses Vanessa Grimaldi

039;The Bachelor' 2017 Spoilers Nick Viall To Dump His Final Pick Only Wants Fame

Will there be a proposal on The Bachelor finale Monday night?

We mean, most of the things the Commander-In-Chief says these days sound like something a contestant on the ABC dating show would utter. Remember their riveting conversation about her name?!

"What's the victor going to do with her time this summer while nick is filming BIP?" tweeted season 17 rose-giver Sean Lowe.

"I will never forget the first moment I say you", Viall, 36, said while holding out a Neil Lane diamond ring. I knew that what we had was special. Well, we have the answer for you. However, if it was mentioned even once that Vanessa has worked as an actor, been featured on shows like "Blue Mountain State", and "Being Human", we'd be a lot less suspect.

She said a tearful yes to his proposal.

"I was hopeful, but you never know", he said. You've done this three times!

The 25-year-old boutique owner took the devastating news in stride.

Tonight, the good news is that one way or another, Nick Viall's mom, dad, and everyone else in the family will be able to get out from under the enormous secret.

Now, Raven's fans are upset because Nick has not choses her. I think that he'll pick Vanessa. Because it ain't me and I'm not even sure it's Nick. Well, he can't, mom, but thanks for asking.

Nick's family has been flown all through the polar night to meet the two ladytestants still standing.

Now that Nick has proposed to Vanessa and Season 21 has come to a close, don't fret! Talk about a support system!

And the final rose goes to. Calm down there, sparky.

As previews have teased for the big finale fast approaching on ABC, Nick fell in love with both women. When will The Bachelor's Nick and Vanessa get married? So let's hope Vanessa's ready for a life with someone who's not great with social cues. According to data from Twitter, of the people Tweeting about the final two, 65 percent think the victor will be Vanessa, while 35 percent are still rooting for Raven.

"He and Vanessa have really good chemistry, so I feel like they're going to end up together". She's happy to go with the flow of uncertainty, while Vanessa needs some kind of assurance. "What if there's still so much for us to learn about each other?". The couple split a few months later. Before they said goodbye, Nick said "I'll miss you" and Raven replied, "I know".

Vanessa and Nick had an equally romantic, but much more chilly date.