How 'The Walking Dead' Honored Its Past With 'Bury Me Here'

Norman Reedus

The first thing you may we wondering is, how do we know they'll fail? The he tells her, "I'm going to kill them, one by one". However, with only three episodes left for Season 7, time is running out in regard to Negan's backstory. A few losses may be predictable, but The Walking Dead always has a trick up its sleeve.

On Sunday's episode, audiences got a clear answer. "So Morgan attacks Richard and strangles him to death".

Just like Jadis, Ezekiel is expected to join Rick and the Alexandrians very soon.

In episode 14 titled The Other Side, the girls will look to kill Negan, but chances are high that they fail and may have to face their worst nightmare. Could we see Morgan die on The Walking Dead?

It would appear that coming up short is not out of the ordinary, so the Saviors resort to a resolution, right then and there.

Morgan, who has been pacing the background with his staff and staring down Richard, approached the two with a purposeful walk.

This week's episode of The Walking Dead saw two new deaths, and a lot of motivation to take down Negan and the Saviors as a result.

Yep, Benjamin's dead. But his death at the hands of the Saviors still comes in an unexpected way, as it's inadvertently caused by Richard. Morgan also took to training him and no doubt made him feel that he was a son in some ways.

Nothing could have prepared anyone, especially Benjamin for that. That little boy turns out to be Benjamin's little brother. Morgan refuses to tell her what the deal is - mostly because he's Morgan and nothing is easy with him. In the final shot of the episode, we see Morgan sharpening his stick. Perhaps the most important message we can derive from the episode is: Morgan's back, baby! After finding out that Richard had not come clean about his plot to start a war, Morgan kills him in front of everyone.

Error! There was an error processing your request. You'd be wrong. Because the unstoppable combined force of Murder Carol and Crazy Clear Morgan probably could end all of Negan by the season finale if the duo wanted to. Despite getting a good reason for Morgan's change of heart - the meditative Morgan-centric episode "Here's Not Here" with Zen master Eastman - Morgan's pacifism is ideologically at odds with everything the show is telling us. And it just so happened to be incredibly convincing because Morgan's rage was entirely real. What if Negan kills them both, then and there? To see him break down and cry after his plan went awry and the group lost Benjamin (Logan Miller) was something we needed to see and I'm glad we did.

"The Walking Dead" season 7 episode 13 promises to be a good one for Rick and company as they just might get the answer they want from the seemingly tired leader of the Kingdom, Ezekiel, on "Bury Me Here".

We assume she means back to Alexandria, but they just switch places.

After what seems like a rough night of nightmares, Carol can't stand her self-imposed solitude any longer. I know he wanted to get King Ezekiel on board in the fight against the Saviors. The same way we've seen insane Morgan do before. He tells Morgan that they can still use what happened to do that, but they need to make the Saviors believe without question that they've learned their lesson and they'll behave from now on.

There is a montage of Morgan killing a bunch of walkers, seemingly back in his beast-mode of the yore, and goes to Carol to inform her what happened, and includes that Abraham and Glenn have been dead for a while.