CBO reporting Monday on GOP's healthcare plan, but AARP already dings it

CBO reporting Monday on GOP's healthcare plan, but AARP already dings it

But in addition to changing then-President Barack Obama's signature health care law, the legislation also proposes major changes to the Medicaid program, the federal- and state-funded program that insures many disabled individuals, elderly people and children.

The AARP and its 48 million members are against the GOP plan.

Experts say the surcharge would serve as a deterrent for people thinking about dropping their health insurance when they are healthy. Republicans don't want the opponents of this proposed law to have time to mobilize the large numbers of people who will lose their subsidized insurance and thus make enactment of "Trumpcare" politically impossible; and 2. "An equitable system which we should be trying to get to is coverage for everyone", Dr. McMillen said. The bill also targets women's health by defunding Planned Parenthood for a year and by making the new tax credits unable to be used for health care that covers abortions. And the same GOP establishment that was too afraid to repeal Obamacare isn't likely to go gangbuster of federal bureaucracy, carrying out what Trump advisor Steve Bannon referred to as a "deconstruction of the administrative state".

In a word, no. Get everybody into the health system.

The House Republican bill repeals the individual mandate under the ACA, which means people would not have to pay a penalty if they are without insurance. If I had my druthers those plans would only count as insurance for people who have liquid assets more than N times the deductible. The plan hits hardest those who will lose their Medicaid and the working poor in the years before they're eligible for Medicare. If this plan sounds familiar, think Obamacare and its current skyrocketing costs for people required to buy insurance on the open market.

In the bill introduced by Republican leaders, however, the requirement for insurers to sell to those with pre-existing conditions remains intact.

There is disarray in the GOP because the party is divided between those who want to completely throw out Obamacare and those who want to preserve certain of its advantages for their home states. The bills potential effect on health coverage has yet to be determined or sorted out. The massive expansion of Medicaid might make people feel more secure, but evidence suggests it does little to save lives or improve health: A study in the New England Journal of Medicine that examined Oregon's experience with Medicaid, for instance, found that recipients had no better health outcomes than those without it.

"That should really please a lot of people", she said. In the a year ago, insurers have complained Obamacare penalties for not signing up for coverage aren't steep enough. 'Because this isn't a government mandate. Obviously there's much more to be worked out here.

And all this when the many real facts about the ACA are good.

In a separate interview with CBS that aired Sunday, Ryan said, "The one thing I'm certain will happen is CBO will say, 'Well, gosh, not as many people will get coverage.' You know why?"

The coalition looked at analysis of the new law, provided by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), a nonprofit and non-partisan group.