Ballot 'Bloodbath' if GOP Health Plan Fails

Republicans Unveil Obamacare Replacement Bill That Ends Individual Mandate

Millions of Americans will experience major changes to their health coverage if both chambers of Congress pass the Republican health care bill that's now under consideration in the House of Representatives. Then the cry for "repeal" suddenly shifted to "repeal and replace", and an audible sigh of relief swept through the Trump base.

Leaders of the House of Ways and Means, and Energy and Commerce talked about the draft law on their opening statements in Congress.

"The Republican health plan would make America's economic chasm worse". It is those self-employed individuals and small businesses that are paying the penalty for this.

Frogue worked for Newt Gingrich and has advised President Donald Trump's transition team on health care. Thus, Democrats argue that all Americans have a right to health care and government should provide that if one can not afford it.

"This is just the start", Hardwick said, noting that Republicans have run for years on a repeal-and-replace approach to health care.

If the bill passes, millions of people will discover that their Obamacare subsidies have been reduced and their health insurance is less affordable - and Democrats will blame Trumpcare. One of his points asserted that Obamacare is fatally flawed because it uses money from healthy people to pay for sick people - or how the concept of insurance works. It also would reinstate deductions for medical expenses.

Democrats pointed out that the bill would also provide a tax break for health insurance companies, allowing them to take tax deductions for executive compensation exceeding $500,000 a year. The existing Affordable Care Act notes in more than 1,400 places that "the secretary shall" or "the secretary may". That's why we will also almost double the amount of money you can contribute to health savings accounts to pay for out-of-pocket expenses.

That's why we must end this law - repealing it once and for all.

The AHCA is already drawing fire from ultra-conservatives, moderates, and health-care industry groups; a new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a liberal think tank, highlights another constituency that might have reason to dislike the plan: people living in high-cost health insurance states. Does it change your mind, now that President Trump is getting behind it?

"The country had their say".

I am no expert in health care, but I do remember that Republicans promised repeatedly that they were going to fully repeal Obamacare. By reducing the benefits package, Republicans hope to reduce premiums and deductibles, which in conjunction with refundable tax credits for the poor and middle class would allow more people to purchase affordable health insurance.

Another concern for Republicans regards the bill's continuation of the expansion of Medicaid.