South African company Dotmodus achieves Google Cloud recognition

South African company Dotmodus achieves Google Cloud recognition

SAP also plans to offer Google's G Suite of business productivity apps including Gmail and Google Calendar to its own base of customers of more than 345,000 companies, which includes almost 90 percent of the world's 2,000 biggest firms.

The difference between where Google is now in regard to the enterprise and where it was is "night and day", Gartner Vice President David Mitchell Smith said in an email.

Google made a big pitch for its cloud platform with machine learning as the focus at the ongoing Next conference in San Francisco.

Google's productivity suite, G-Suite has had good success with Greene saying that Verizon will move 115,000 employees to the platform this year and that Colgate-Palmolive now has 28,000 employees using the service. The goal of this strategic partnership is to assist large companies in running their day-to-day operations and manage their data using a public cloud solution that's protected with contemporary cyber security measures, SAP's board member Bernd Leukert revealed on Wednesday. According to him, it was the smoothest Black Friday ever. Google's unveiling the program with a list of initial partners: Xignite will provide financial markets data, HouseCanary will provide residential real-estate valuations, Remine will offer predictions on house sales, AccuWeather will provide historical weather data and Down Jones offers news stories.

SAP identified G Suite as an important enterprise productivity suite both its marketplace and customer base.

The company is overhauling its support tiers to streamline the process to make it easier to understand. Machine learning has been around for many years, but the growth of cloud computing, Internet of Things and connected devices around the world is slowly bringing the advantages of machine learning to our doorsteps - and into our very homes and lives.

Companies can mix and match support tiers for each user inside their organization.

Decide your tenure, that must exceed one or three years and also decide how many cores and how much memory you want to buy in bulk for those years. Google and Kaggle recently hosted a $100,000 machine-learning competition that challenged participants to develop classification algorithms for YouTube videos. As part of the partnership, SAP will retain the control and be the custodian of all the data stored in the HANA database on the Google Cloud Platform.

New capabilities have also been introduced into Google's Cloud Vision API, improving its ability to classify and extract metadata from over 1 billion images.