'The Bachelor' Season 21, Episode 10 Recap: Love Is A Marathon

Raven Gates Hunter Henry

Both of them claim to be athletic, but the skiing proves to be hard: "I pride myself on being athletic, and I sucked", Rachel says. Find out everything you need to know about when The Bachelorette starts right here.

They gave Rachel a standing ovation when she came on the stage to be interviewed by host Chris Harrison. "I'm honored to have this opportunity and to represent myself as an African-American woman, and I just hope that people rally behind me". Three hours is too much Bachelor. Read only if you want to know more about it.

While the final rose ceremony before next week's finale should have been a nail-biter, it ended up as the most predictable yet, when stunning Dallas attorney Rachel was left standing without a rose in her gorgeous blue gown. When I watched her speak with Chris Harrison, I found that she still didn't make much sense to me. They go to their fantasy suite, and she said "this is the man I'm supposed to be with". She says she's not in her head anymore but in her heart, (and possibly in her vagina).

"Thoughts?" Nick asks when presented with the Honeymoon Suite key. Next morning, they make eggs and look super happy and in love.

Corinne Olympios on the Women Tell All "Bachelor" episode. Their date is an "ice bath" which is totally not fair, because that sucks. They lowered themselves into the freezing cold water for about three seconds and then sprinted into a warm sauna. Steve has also said that Nick and Vanessa have been having issues and disagreements, especially when it comes to where to live. Daniellle L. was disappointed that Nick played games with her heart as well as Lacey who was angry about getting dumped by him as per Glamour. Vanessa seems to have a good relationship with the store because she's been featured on their social media before, so it really is possible that she just stopped by and was photographed in front of the most incriminating backdrop possible. He also hinted that he would not be down to move to Montreal. He's not big on family traditions and once had a relationship fizzle in part because the woman's family was a little too "present". I know it'll probably never happen but how awesome would it be if Nick and Vanessa were eating a lovely dinner at a romantic spot and a drunken Corinne rolls up and falls all over the dinner table?

Nick is choosing between Raven and Vanessa next week at 8pm on ABC next week, be sure to tune in and see if he finds love!

Rachel tells Nick that she is falling in love with him in a very normal way. "I want to murder Nick, chop him up and feed him to the reindeer". This dude must be pretty awesome in bed.

As viewers of the dating reality show already know, Viall and Liz slept together before she appeared in Season 21, but she did not last long in the dating reality show. I 'gotchu.' I feel your dolphin side.

Vanessa Grimaldi or Raven Gates? And the next goes to.VANESSA!

Even though Vanessa's friend didn't specify why the ladies were bridal shopping, it seems that it wouldn't be for Holly because - judging from her recent Instagram posts - Holly isn't engaged.