Season 7, Episode 12

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Frankly, I'd love to kill him. It looks like Michonne probably didn't have that either.

On this week's episode of The Walking Dead, Rick and Michonne venture out for the junk yard gang, who will only agree to work with them if they find them a lot of guns.

In the morning, Rick climbs the Ferris wheel in an effort to snipe a wayward deer for Michonne, and it's like a post-apocalyptic riff on The Notebook-a romantic gesture in a world that usually has neither time nor opportunity for romantic gestures. There's no "mystery cast member" on the lineup as far as we know, but this is the show where we do tend to get some surprises here and there. In an important turn, she made the decision that seemed least viewer hostile, if not least hostile to the women of Oceanside, when she chose to have a talk with Rick at the end of the episode. Michonne is about ready to give up hope, when Rick emerges from a small hiding spot. Her logic for not telling Rick and the others about the community immediately was actually fairly sound, if a bit aggravating. Rick and Michonne were repeated doused with water at the start of each take, they got revenge on Greg Nicotero by dousing him at the end of the completed scenes.

"It was also hard because at this point in the season, a lot of the crew start looking for other jobs as they need to keep putting food on the table for their family". She didn't bring any of the explosives because she didn't want anyone to notice they were gone. The way Rick and Michonne put barricades between them and the horde is clever, and staging it in a deserted carnival just turns the creepy factor up to 11 or 12, depending on your fear of clowns. And she basically accepted it with a shrug, and then easily killed eight zombies.

Back in A-Town, Rosita is acting like an A-hole again and sulking about the lack of guns and how she botched killing Negan.

Regarding Tara, the show is still trying to push her to the forefront with mixed results.

The action gets back on track when they escape and flee through the carnival.

We get a couple of glimpses of a pensive Tara as she battles with herself over whether she should tell Rick about the women at Oceanside who are straight up packing.

First things first, Rosita and/or Sasha's death has been speculated for quite some time now.

Biggest growth spurt: Is it just us or Judith a lot older than the last time we saw her? However, it's going to be the thing that powers her in the upcoming war with Negan, as well.

- "Anything is possible until your heart stops beating". Rosita obviously wanted Negan dead more than she wanted to be the one to do it, so she agreed. Neither of them were exactly effective, and mostly seemed created to push the plot along rather than revealing much more than a few tiny elements of the not-always-so-good priest.

In fact, I'm positive that's what Say Yes was primarily used for.

The Walking Dead season 7 continues on Monday 6 March at 9pm on Fox in the UK. As Rosita discovered in her sulking, guns aren't something that can just be found littering the ground.

Rick also wants to spend a few more days in a safe room full of food, away from all the pain and misery they've experienced lately. Its a dream time for Rick who is on a sexy bold road trip he never wants to end. Rosita is mad at everyone because she didn't kill Negan when she (maybe) had the chance. They are considered the ultimate fans of The Walking Dead. "Because you lead me here". Now, if he is a villain, we know he's our villain and we're going to root for him.

The Walking Dead still has its problem with relying on new colonies.

"The Walking Dead" Season 7 episodes air Sundays on AMC. Because now she knows how she would react to his death, and it isn't pretty.