Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman shed tears together watching 'Logan'

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There's more than a little of Cormac McCarthy's The Road in this film, although, in this case, the apocalypse has not come to everyone, just the mutants.

Bloody and bleak, tossing F-bombs and the franchise's first flash of nudity, "Logan" is not like the other X-Men. While Logan is steeped in reverence for Shane, even having Laura (Dafne Keen) recite Alan Ladd's final words in that 1953 picture over Logan's makeshift grave (and then turning his crucifix into an X), it is actually another Western entirely that inspired specific dynamics for the ending.

While a full return to his X-Men character is still unlikely, a cameo in Deadpool could be a true possibility. For all we know, the next X-Men film may again alter the future, paving the way for another solo Wolverine film.

More importantly, that estimated opening surpasses the $85.1 million opening of 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, although it still falls short of X2's $85.5 million opening in 2009.

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman, who hails from Australia, has expressed confidence in the Indian cricket team to perform in a bolder way in the second Test against his home country's team.

It was a sweet reunion for the two actors who first met 17 years ago, a moment Stewart still remembers clearly.

Also, this was the ideal ending to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart's 17-year run.

The audition tape below was shot during a worldwide casting search for X-Men. But this time around, the last instalment of the "Wolverine" series, Logan, brings you a buck load of emotions.

Of course, it can. Make sure to see this movie today.

The figures are still coming in, however the early data has it that Logan managed to clear close to $80 million on its opening weekend, making $33 million on the Friday opening alone. So why not the X-Men?

"Logan" is a stylistic shift, reported The New York Times.

Sacrilege though it may be to fellow comic aficionados, facts are still facts: As a character, Wolverine kind of sucks.

Is Laura also the daughter of Jean Grey? "Hugh and I didn't want to do it if we couldn't do something very different", Mangold said at a preview in Los Angeles of Twentieth Century Fox's 2017 slate. But yes, it would be pretty compelling if Laura would later be revealed to be also partly cloned from Jean Grey's DNA.

But while there may not be an after-credits scene in Logan, there could still be some hints of a sequel. As Deadline noted, there appears to be a huge demand for the R-rated superhero movie after Deadpool showed just how popular that format could be. (Logan director James Mangold took over after Aronofsky dropped out to make Noah.) Ideas from those chats, however, made it into The Wolverine and Logan. The film truly earns its R rating.